Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the most SPECIAL knitted set - hoot hoot

Now you may of read the title and thought I was exaggerating, but now you've seen the photos......

.....Isn't this set just fabulous?.

I must apologise to the lovely lady who made this , Shannon, I have had it for a few weeks and thought that I had blogged about it but I obviously hadn't, so shame on me!!!!.

I can hardly put into words how happy I am with this set.

It is knitted so perfectly, is so soft and squishy, the colours are perfect and I can feel the care that went into making it.....cabled pockets, button details, the OWL!!!

This will be Ari's 1st birthday present.

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to the beautiful Shannon not only for making Ari and I this beautiful set but for lifting me up and bring me joy.