Monday, March 31, 2008

Nappies On A Newborn

OK so I thought I would finally get around to posting opinions (and some photos) of different nappies on my 'little' boy Ari :)....please excuse the newborn crying photos but well he didn't like posing so much at first, lol....if his stump is still on in the photo he is less then a week old...

To give an idea of his size (bare weights given)....

Ari was born weighing 4080g and 52.5cms long
At 5 days he weighed 4130g
At 16 days he weighed 4640g and is 56.5cms long

For the first 3 weeks we have used fitteds, prefolds and covers. His poos are forceful but not to big as yet, we have had no poo escapes at all. His wees are HUGE and we have had a couple of wee leaks either through wicking through FOE or just super saturated nappies, sometimes after 20 minutes.

Fitteds and Prefolds

Infant Prefolds - the prefolds have been at the bottom of the pile....the pad fold didn't really work for us so I have been snappying them....they seem a bit narrow though around his waist now iykwim, but he does have a fairly chunky tummy...I have been folding the front down....absorbency is OK but only good for an hour or so...

Small Poochies Fitteds Made by me - great fit, nice high rise and good bum coverage..I use these at night and I can boost heaps with no dramas with fit....seems Ari has a 4-5 hour sleep at night (sometimes) I need that nappy to be super absorbent...

NB Whizz Kidz Flannelette Fitted (below left)- fabulous fit from birth....I boost with hemp or bamboo miniboosters plus a suedecloth topped hemp easy to use...

Size 1 Cotton Tots Bots (below right) - Snappy closed with the front folded down these have been great...

Small Honeyboy! Fitteds made by me (below left) - I made these with suedecloth inners so I fold down the front aplix and fasten the TT to that..they are a great fit and still have over an inch in the rise when I unfold them...really good bum coverage....

Terry Flats (below right)..not using them much but good for back up and spew rags..and the cute fluffy white factor :)

Baby Beehind Hemp and Bamboo One Size Fitteds.... I will be using these more and more I think as I am finding, now that Ari is a couple of weeks old, the he out wees his NB fitteds.

Bumgenius X-Small Fitted (left)....This nappy is low rise which has been great for keeping the belly button clean and dry....It is quiet wide through the crotch for an X-small.

Newborn Poochies Fitted Home Made (right)....these are 3 weeks I can no longer do up the thigh snap (but that could be my elastic sewing)...lovely and small on a newborn and I never needed the snap down front....


Bummies Whisper Pants....NB...these are quick and easy to pull up and down, not the cutest cover but effective and quick to wash/dry...

Diapers By Deb Small Cover....Cotton PUL outer, suedecloth inner....cute, good coverage...affordable...We have 2 of these and like them for showing off, we do get some wicking if he wets a lot (which he does a lot)...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Big 2 Year Old

I never got around to posting pics of Nate for his here is my big 2 year old....he melts my heart everyday with his smiles and I am amazed by how many new things he is learning ....

MIL took him during the day for 3 days when I came home from hospital and I missed him so much as I am used to spending all my time with him, he had fun though and as I couldnt lift him for a couple of days after delivery as my tummy and back were so weak it made sense for him to spend time with someone else who could.

I am happy to have him back this week and am enjoying the time with him now that he is a loving big brother.

1.5 Weeks Old

I feel like time is Ari has been with us forever.

Breastfeeding is going well in terms of attachment etc. My boobs are settled already, no engorgement or anything now which seems quick too me. I will get him weighed soon to make sure he is gaining but he is wetting and pooping and is pretty settled generally....a bit fussy on the boob though when they are soft.... like maybe he wants more. So I feed when ever he wants and let him have his fill..I am eating well and drinking plenty of water so lets hope its just new mum paranoia, lol.

We are co-sleeping at night as without it we were getting no sleep. So now at night he has one sleep of 3-4 hours which is nice and then generally another of 2-3 hours. Sometimes he just wakes up, poops, and then goes back to sleep not wanting a feed.

Anyway....I am very in love, a bit tired and very busy...DH has not had any days off work but he has been really helpful with cooking, hanging washing out and playing with the kids, he too is starting to feel tired though.

Many thanks for everyones kind words and thoughts XXXOOOXXX

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Baby Beehinds - 1 week

So here is my little man ;) in a Baby Beehinds One-size hemp nappy (older style - about 1 year old) - small snap in only.

His weight at 5 days was 4130g so I figure he is only a little bit more in this picture at 7 days old. The snaps are crossed over as small as they can go and the cover pictured is a small BBH PUL cover which is also done up as small as it will go.

This was just curiosity on my part as I have mainly been using NB and Small fitteds with success.

Oh bugger bubs is awake....I have pictures of him less than a week old in Tots, NB fitteds and small fitteds which I will post when I get the chance.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ari James is here!!!!

pictured here at 2.5 days old wearing a fitted nappy and Diapers by Deb Small cover

"Ari James"
52.5cms long
36cm head

The birth was full on but I am so proud to of brought my 4th baby into this world with lots of roaring, (his name does mean lion, lol), and only about 40 minutes of gas to get me there. I had an amazing midwife that I can not thank enough for making it all such a positive experience. She encouraged my DH to use his hands to help bring Ari gently in to the world and I have never seen DH more proud or happy about the birth experience as a whole.

I will write a comprehensive birth story soon but it was only about 3 hours of another hour for the placenta which was hard work..physically I feel pretty good, my milk is in and WOW are my b00bies sore and full but Ari is feeding like a champion.

Nappies are going I expected a smaller baby I have a fair few 2nd hand NB fitteds here and they fit well but I imagine they wont fit for too long at the rate he is feeding. So happy I have the onesize and smalls here ready to go.

At almost 4 days (in terms of 24 hour cycles) old the wees and poos are getting bigger and I have begun boosting things to make them last a sleep.

I am taking pictures when I use different nappies (and I have the chance to) and when I get the opportunity I will put them up to show the fit of different nappies on a NB bub.

For now it is rest time..I have just Ari today while the others are with MIL and L is at school so I should take advantage of it..

XOXOXO Hayley.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

40 Weeks!!!

WOW so here we are....40 weeks today.....and guess what, finally there has been some movement at the station.

I woke up this morning to do a wee (slept through from 11pm-5:30am ) and when I got back into bed I felt my tummy POP and then had a trickle of fluid (clear, not urine smelling) that wet my undies and the towel I quickly shoved between my legs....have had no more since but I am having period pains and have lost a bit of clear mucus with small amount of blood in it ........who would think I would be excited about that ....

....I don't want to go to the hospital considering I have had no more fluid leakage and the contractions are irregular and mildish so I will wait out today to see if things progress....I am fairly sure that things will happen on their own in time anyway and the antibiotics can wait till I am in labour or if I have more leaking fluid (his head is really low so not sure that will happen)....I have promised DH we will go to the hospital to get checked out if I have more leaking but for now I am in denial (playing dumb).....

So now I am trying to clean the house up a bit and get organised...even if I don't go int o full blown labour at least the house will be clean.......I was cleaning the toilet at 6:30am, lol, and am trying to pack away the mountain of clean washing I have sitting around.

Hopefully things happen for me...not sure how I will cope if I wake up tomorrow still pregnant....


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MIdwife Appt. and a Browse through an Organic Shop

Midwife Appt. went well...we established that yes I am still pregnant ;)

GBS came back positive again so antibiotics for me....if it had come back clear this time they would of treated me as clear despite history, iykwim. So I am a bit disappointed but hey I know I have choices.

Estimated Gestation: 39+4
Fundal Height: 40
BP: 100/50
Bubs Heart Rate: 130bpm
Bubs position: Head down and back to my back (posterior). They don't record engagement on my record but she wrote 3/5th on hers, doesn't really matter as he moves up and down anyway.

I visited the Organic Store in Erina and bought:

Flushable Eenee Nappy Liners (50pk)
1 Eenee Snib (3-6kgs) the new side tie on type
20 Pk of small weenees inserts

I am going to pack them, along with my 2 other snibs for the hospital...thinking about logistics I decided they would be a good choice, especially if I have to stay longer then expected and it means all my nappies will be ready when I get home.

They stocked a range of Natures Child products too....bit exxy though for cotton when we use hemp/bamboo but lovely to see some cloth products around. They also stocked eco friendly disposables although I didn't really look too much at those.

Nate's birthday went really baby is 2, hard to believe. He loves his trike :). I will post photos when I get the chance to up load them.

For now here is my belly from Tuesday..

Saturday, March 8, 2008

39 weeks

Can't half tell I am counting down hey, lol. I have decided (like I have a choice) that bubs must make his appearance before easter weekend as mum is booked on a flight and will only be here for 2 days and it would be nice if she could meet him.

DH and I have kinda agreed on a name...not 100% yet as we will wait and see what he looks like....It starts with "A" and is 3 letters long, you will find out soon enough if I won.

Heres what I look like now...excuse the b00bies but I really love how ripe my body is atm...saggy b00bs and all, lol.

We went to a wedding last night (over your way Mel in Avoca Surf Club) ..nice to have some kid free time but gosh I am buggered, I actually didn't get out of bed till 9am. I also dont think I have had my belly touched my so many people in all my pregnancy history, pmsl, I think everyone was amazed to see an almost popping belly, especially DHs mates who were amazed by his movement.

Today we have done nothing...went and picked up the kids and now N is having a sleep and the other 2 are playing "school". DH is asleep on the lounge next to me.

For the week ahead I don't have a lot planned.........School for L of course and preschool for B.......and big drum roll............N is turning 2 on Wednesday!!!!. We don't have any plans due to the baby being due but will probably have family over for dinner and blow up some balloons.

Hello to Tracy, Sue and Mel who have been checking in :). Thanks for your comments, maybe its my crazy hormones bit it means a lot to know someones reading...Oh and big thanks for the offer Sue, you are such a gem, seriously! I will throw an email your way soon.

Haaaaaaapy Biiiiirtttttttttttthdayyyyyyyy toooo youuuuuu Mel!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another MIdwife Visit 38+4

I went to the midwife again today (2 weeks since my last appointment) and all seems well.

Estimated Gestation: 38+4
Fundal Height: 39
BP: 120/70
Bubs Heart Rate: 150bpm
Bubs position: LOW, Head down and back to my left.

The hospital has changed (just last month) it's Group B Strep policy so I did the swab and if it come back all clear then I will be very happy....if it comes back positive then I guess I will still have to think about antibiotics etc....there general policy is much more relaxed now which is good.

My belly is tight and heavy...not long now....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 tired.....and general update...

Why am I tired? well I guess because I am pregnant....38weeks 2 days today.....I am basing my dates on the latest EDD given to me, the earliest being the 13th the latest being the 16th...that way bubs is more likely to come before EDD right?. I am generally feeling tired and lethargic..although I did manage to mop the floors yesterday.

I am suffering from a few pregnancy side effects that are making feel less then comfortable....I shouldn't complain I know but I need to have a little whinge now and then. I just keep telling myself "I will never feel this again" which makes me appreciate it more.

It's N's birthday on the 12th - next Wednesday - we bought him a trike and I am planning on making a cake and inviting close family around for dinner if all is going well.

L is really enjoying school....there was an information session with the teachers this afternoon...only 2 parents (including me) showed up from his class.... It was nice to have a chat and get more of an idea of what he will be learning and what the routine is for him. I am sad that I can't offer to help out in class but with a 2 year old and a new bub everyday its just not going to be possible as we would be a little distracting.

B is loving preschool and asks to go on extra days...I really don't think she needs to go that much just yet considering she still has 2 years till she starts school. She involves herself in L's homework reading etc which is a great thing and I am trying to do more to keep her mind occupied during the day.

I am currently tossing up what nappies to buy N. He doesn't have enough due to fit (11kgs and skinny) and wetting (weeing through fitted right on to the floor) issues and I need to get him probably 6 more.

On my list to look at are:

Haute one size - I worry about fit/droop etc as Nate is a skinny boy, pros are that both Nate and bub could wear them, and they come in nice colours. Oh and I don't use microfibre on him as it smells too much so I would have to make bamboo inserts.

IB Delish - Mediums are our only option though as the larges (regular PUL) get wing droop and leg gape but the mediums are getting on the low side in terms of rise so maybe not the best choice.

Ummmm....what else?? Any suggestions anyone, my brain is fried?? I prefer bamboo (hemp/microfiber smell too much), PUL outer for pocket/AIO, TT is great for ease of use but snaps are fine also...........I can't think of anything else so surprise me, lol.

OK - as previously mentioned I am tired so must head off to bed....