Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fluffy Mail - Longies , Material and Beanies from Grandma

My longies arrived and they fit Nate really well - they have some flaws that were not listed in the listing (yes, I think they should of been but am not overly bothered due to the price) but all in all pretty good. The seller included a nice note mentioned the flaws and told me to contact if I have any issues. I think the short rows are off centre going by the flaws though.

I am hoping to embellish them a bit so may cover the flaws with a pocket - hmmmm...

And my hemp and over locking threads arrives care of Rocky, who did an evening drop off in the freezing cold - Thanks so much Mel and Rocky!!! I got some maxilock swirls and QA thread in natural.

Also Grandma (my Mum) sent the kids some beanies - heres a pic of Nate wearing Liams - no one else wanted to pose at the time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sewing, Orders, Fluffy Mail, On the Needles and mindless ramblings


Mel and I had another sewing day and actually got some sewing done - we each made a cloth pad. Not prefect but we will get there. I did have a great day though :) oh and mine is the pink one.


Mel and I have ordered some Hemp from Bubba Earth - I also got some overlocking thread and some maxi-lock swirls to make things pretty.

I bought some Longies from Buy for Baby for $19 (plus post) - 12ply so nice and thick - lets hope they are well made and fit well.

Also bought 3 AIOs from Baby Beehinds (magicalls) - on pre order to be here end of July I think???? I got purple, green and orange.

Fluffy Mail

I bought some nappies from Cuddly-Bub I was curious to see what they were like - they were very cheap due to an error on their site so I paid $26 (I think) for 4 hemp one size nappies. They arrived and I am not happy with the fit, or the fact the materials are not pre-washed and the TT is cheap spotlight type that is very hard.

I plan on washing and drying to shrink and then removing TT, opening turned end, removing leg elastic and cutting down the crotch size, re sewing the elastic and either snapping or using 1.5inch TT.

I got a Swadlebees Hemp pocket in a swap with Ying - size M - it fits Nate really well on the tightest setting. Very narow though and Scott could never stuff it - although he never changes/wases/has anything to do with the nappies so not a big drama.

On the Needles

Bumble Bee shorties and matching beanie with "Busy" on them - to be worn in spring. Yellow and black stripe. Wish me luck, LOL.

Mindless Ramblings

I bought some new jeans and have been getting asked if I have lost weight which is always nice - I have lost a LITTLE but hope to loose another 10kgs in the next 6 mths or so. I am still breastfeeding Nate so I will see how we go - A BIG YAY FOR ME for breastfeeding for 15.5mths so far (10mths exclusively before solids) - I am so proud.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Aqua and Chocolate Pocket - Wee Weka side snap M-L

My latest attempt at a PUL pocket.

I can't master sewing PUL and the back elastic is dodgy but it works. It is a bit big on Nate - I think I need a true medium to fit him properly. The inserts kept slipping down as it was kinda baggy.

I cant use a ball point needle as it just skips stitches - even after switching thread - so I used a regular sharp but haven't had any problems with other pockets sewn that way. I am still trying to figure out why this is happening.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sydney PBC Expo - How much fun is it!!!!

So as you may know I have 3 beautiful children but I have NEVER been to the expo before - never before was there such an incentive as NAPPIES!!!!! Well for me anyway.

So after braving the drive into Sydney in my beat up car Nate and I arrived at the Expo at around 12:30pm to look and feel nappies. I had a ball looking and saw heaps of nappies that I hadn't seen before.

I did make a few purchases:

From Darlings Down Under I bought a Berry Plush for $35 eeek - it fits Nate so well and I am really glad I bought it.

From Cute Tooshies I bought a Bamboo Delight for $22 - haven't tried this yet its in the wash but its side snap and I think it will fit Nate well.

Also from Huggalugs I bought 3 pair of warmers for $25 - one for each of the kids.

Here is Nate in his Berry Plush and Huggalugs............. I think the BP is Everglade a dark green that I really like.....

I finished Nates Soaker

YAY - not perfect but functional and pretty...oh I mean manly.... in a pink periwinkle and green kinda way :)

I am really proud of my first attempt - having only knitted for practice and unraveled before now - and I am definatley going to be buying some more wool to have another go.

The leg hoels are a tad small - but Nate has skinny legs so it fits him perfect.