Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ari is 10.5 weeks old already!!!

Can you believe it? I know I can't!

He smiles heaps, loves the sling/wrap/pouch, loves his big brothers and sister who entertain him with their craziness......and drum roll please.......he sleeps at least 6 hours a night but lately has been sleeping 9pm to 6am......9 hours........in his own bed !!!!!!!!

I took him to the drop in clinic today and he is 6.7kgs bare, 62cms long and has a 41.5cm head circumference. So growing nicely or amongst "average" for a breastfed bub :) and has gained 550g in the last 2 weeks. YAY for breast milk, hopefully he keeps gaining weight well.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bubblebubs - Bakers Dozen

I was a bit naughty and bought up big in the


I really wanted a nappy that was dad friendly and would fit both my boys (or Ari in a little while). So I bought a bakers dozen of Mediums (to fit approx 5.5-12kgs). 13 AIO nappies with velcro closure and no bits to find in the wash, they are bamboo so no smells and great absorbency (slow dry time though). All we need to do is add a liner and were good to go :). I tried one on Nate (he picked the dot minky crabs) and it fits so well, Ari is sleeping so I will try one on him later.

They cost me $285.09 including courier postage. Which works out at $21.93 each!!. I got 7 dot minky, 4 smooth minky and 2 microbubbles. The combined full price if bought individually would of been around $400 so I am very happy.

Heres a picture of the fluff :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Hair Cut!!!!!

Hmmmmm.....hair cuts don't happen often in this house and it was so hard for me to get Nate's hair cut a few weeks ago.

Well today he took to his own hair with scissors and now he is bald, lol.......it was the only way to fix it *shrugs*...*cry*...he still looks gorgeous too me :)

Expo Fluff

I went to the PBC expo yesterday and it was great!!!!!! I left home at 9am...got to the expo at 10:30am and somehow managed to still be there at 4:30pm....I eventually arrived home at 6:30pm.

I got to see/meet some great NCers and its actually pretty embarrassing how much fun I had talking cloth.

My list of goodies included some non fluff items:

Two ABC DVDs for the kids "Hairy Maclary" and "Are we there yet?: a journey around Australia" for $10 EACH
A 3/4 sleeve Peppermint breastfeeding shirt for me which I tried out today and really liked .

Now for the fluff.....

From Baby Blossom a Blueberries OSFM Minky Pocket w/insert for $32
From Nurture Nappies 2 bumgenius OSFM pockets for helping out
From Cleverpants a Size 2 bamboozle and Size 2 cover for $25
From Itti Bitti I picked up a few things from Sue, some inserts and a sewn in, and bought some mini bamboo boosters
Oh and a pair of Huggalugs for $10

And of course to tempt you after you leave, you get expo offers from some places....

Itti Bitti is offering 15% off for 2 weeks plus free post for orders over $50!!!!
and Huggalugs 20% off!!!

........I am trying to ignore these due to my splurge in the Bubblebubs sale on the weekend.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I am planning on heading to the Pregnancy, Babies and Children's Expo on Sunday. I have a free pass, not that I can find it, lol, and will hopefully get the chance to help out at a stall and catch up with some clothie mums...Nurture Nappies will be there and so will Itti Bitti!!!

It will just be Ari and I which should be nice...hopefully he will be happy in his wrap like he is at home and I can talk cloth to some potential cloth parents.

Hope to see some people there :)

Auriels - Size 1

I bought two Size 1 Auriels this week - I really wanted to try them out, MM fleece for breatheability and good water resistance, side snap for good fit. They arrived today and they are tiny!! I have the feeling that Size 2s would of been a better buy in terms of longevity but they didn't have any left so size 1 it was. They are super trim through the crotch (maybe slimmer then an itti!!!) and I am not sure if boosting will be an option ???

They are made for birth to 9kgs. I have put them in the wash so we will see once they are dry.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Poochies Nappy - Size Medium

Scott is away (and has taken my new camera so please excuse cruddy photos) so I have had a few hours of sewing this evening which has been nice...that said it is 11:45pm, I haven't cleaned up yet, I am super tired *yawn* and Ari will be waking up soon for a feed....so maybe not so nice when I have to get up a few times between now and when the kids get up at 7am ;)

Anyways what I supposed to be writing about is this nappy I made. Size medium from the Poochies pattern.

It has 9 layers of bamboo and one of cotton. With winter coming I didn't want to do a sewn in booster as drying times are a bit too long for my liking so I have done minimal body layers and a fold out snap in.

Outer: Paws Cotton
Hidden: Bamboo layer
Inner: Blue microfleece
Snap in: 2 layer trifold with 2 layer microfleece topped booster attached.
Hidden snaps! I am finding this important as Ari seems a bit sensitive.

Edited to add....

The pattern says Mediums fit from 6.8-11.3kgs....Ari is 6.15kgs and Nate is 12.5kgs. It fits both boys and not on the tightest/loosest snaps either. Pics of my boys and comparing the small and medium poochies.

Help Please - Tibetan Back Carry and others

I would love some help if anyone out there that can give me some ideas/opinions/assistance on back carries?

Carmen (Kermi) gave me some links to you tube which were great (am on slow dial up so it takes a while, lol) , I made myself a 5 metre x 70 cm wrap from slightly stretchy (one way- up/down) material and have been trying it out. I understand that wovens are best for back carries as they offer more support but as I don't have $90+ to spend (or DH wouldn't let me, lol) I thought I would try this.

I tried the Tibetan back carry today and found that Ari was comfy but I was not....around my underarms it just didn't feel right. So here are some pics so you can see what I did and maybe someone can shine the light on the problem.

I had the twist the parts coming over my shoulder to keep the top rail tight against his neck, so maybe that was the problem.

Oh and he is 8 weeks old, 60cms and 6.15kgs.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Blue Eyed Boy

Ari's Feet My Wedding Rings