Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vegie Garden - All Mulched

Looking pretty good if I do say so myself, I just have to keep it all alive.

We have eaten 3 cherry tomatoes so far and there are a few more ripening up now. And we used some of the basil in home made pizzas, yummo.

I am (DH is) going to screw the trellis to the fence (with a block behind it so there is a gap) behind the tomatoes so I can tie them off or poke them through if I need to.

Its great fun and I am attempting to grow some shallots and carrots in the little seedling trays to put in the dirt patches you can see.

Wish me luck, lol :)

Ari has his first train ride

I took Ari down to Sydney last week which involved his first train ride :) He was a dream, happy and excited and we had a lovely day meeting some members of Baby Carriers Downunder.

Total travel time for the day was about 5 hours so we were knackered when we got home...left at 7:30am and got home at 6:30pm.

I wouldn't do it with all the kids but it was a nice day for just the 2 of us.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

How Our Garden Grows

Well I have managed to keep things alive so far, although my large tomato plant in the pot is getting a little dead in places, lol. I have since read that tomatoes grow better in the ground.

I decided to dedicate a part of the back yard to the growth of food and that involved removing turf, which I had trouble doing so DH helped, and also framing up some hardwood from our old garage to act as the garden sides.

So here is a picture of what the back corner looked like before....sorry I didn't actually think to take a before shot so this is as good as it gets, lol...

This is what it looked like with the frame empty....please excuse the dodgy night shot...

Today I got a delivery of some organic soil mix......I shoveled it into buckets and filled the frame. My arms are so sore from it but it was nice to get out and do some physical work....I still have a little more to shovel tomorrow that will go on the other cleared area right in the corner. I want to plant some dwarf lavender and some chamomile.

In the veggie garden I planted some tomatoes and basil from my Nana and also a tomato plant I had here in a pot (from my sister), it looks like its a Roma Tomato plant....

I used 2 bessa blocks from the old deck as stepping stones so I can get to the back plants without stepping on things.

The marigolds are in metal pots we used at our wedding 5 years ago...I knew they would come in handy, lol. The flowers are so pretty.

I have plans to sew some seeds....dutch carrots and the next few days, I will put some in pots and then transplant if they germinate. I also have to buy some sugarcane mulch.

Here are a couple more photos of the plants...

And Ari...hmm whats this mum??.....(Lemon Basil).....I don't think he liked it, lol.