Sunday, February 22, 2009

Portabellopixie Dress "Claire"

I made this dress today from the Portabellopixie pattern "Claire".

The pattern goes from 6m to 8 years and the pattern piece took up most of my lounge room floor, lol, I made size 5 for time I will make size 6.

I love the old school style and the overall girlyness of the dress - to me it looks like a little girls party dress...not like some of the ones you see in shops that seem to be something an older girl/woman would wear, iykwim.

Beth put it on and we went outside to take the photos.....and she follows her brothers and climbs a a party dress, lol.

How Our Garden Grows - February 2009

Or maybe that should be, how our tomatoes grow, lol. Our tomato plants in the garden are going great, (except for the ants that keep eating them)! Scott commented this afternoon that we should of made a bigger garden!! He doesn't know what he's gotten himself into, lol.

The basil is also growing profusely, its great on pizza and pasta and our little capsicum plant has flowered once leaving us a tiny little capsicum and another flower is ready to open.

I really enjoy spending time outside pottering about and I do agree with Scott, we definatley need a bigger garden.