Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Very Versatile Biscuits


Simple to make and yum to eat.

5 cups SR Flour.
1 cup Sugar
1 tin Condensed Milk
500g Butter

Ari James - 8 mths old!!

Current Stats:

Age: 8mths
Weight: 9.2kgs (bare)....about 9.5kg dressed
Length: 72cms

He has 6 teeth, is still breastfed on demand, eats minimal amounts of solids (he tastes but doesn't swallow much) - no purees in this house just family solids.

And his new trick.....

He is like his brother and likes In the night garden :).

Do you like his nappy? I made it last night from the Very Baby fitted pattern, it's a medium AI2 (a shell with a trifold layed inside). I think I did the leg elastic too tight as it on the last snap and quiet firm on the thighs but fine on the waist (2nd snaps). I will make a medium long next..

And another pic - to show a baby can still cradle carry in the crosses of a Front Cross Carry at 8mths old :) He slept soundly for about an hour.....oh and thats Orion, a Bali Breeze wrap.

XOXO Hayley.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shift of Focus - Jaded on cloth - New addiction

I guess those of you who read regularly might of noticed a shift of focus on my blog - away from nappies and more towards carriers and random things.

Jaded on Cloth

I have been a bit jaded about cloth lately - I lost about half (maybe more) of my Bubblebubs AND most of my IB Delish inserts AND a WW night nappy AND inserts AND maybe a couple of other fitteds during, what I have put down to, a toxic wee teething saga.

It makes me super sad and a bit angry (not at the nappy makers but at myself and the circumstance) - the thing is cotton is fine its only the bamboo that has disintegrated. My Bubblebubs for instance have flannel and velor inners and they are fine but all the bamboo inside is falling apart and if you hold it up to the sun you can see big holes, iykwim.

It is most probably due to me leaving the nappies for up to 3 days (ie, washing on the third evening) between washes sometimes - I have done this before without drama but I guess combined with teething (on an exclusively breastfed bub!!!!) things just went to the shit:(.

Don't know what I will do if we need to go up to larges - I cant sell these nappies anymore....*sigh*...and we are not buying anymore nappies, I have heaps pf PUL here so Id best get sewing I guess.

New Addiction

Well that pretty obvious isn't it?.......Baby carriers, I am having fun sewing things and buying things, lol, that help me day to day to get on with life (with 4 kids including a non sleeping bub).

I have loaned out carriers, and am trying to spread the baby wearing love...to get people to step away from the pram culture that seems to be taking over and stopping people from picking up their babies.

I hate to see a baby left in a pram self feeding a bottle when they should be held and snuggled while they have a breastfed (or bottle if thats necessary).......so sick of hearing people say babies will get spoiled, put them down, doesn't hurt them to cry, they are manipulating you......so sad to think people believe a young baby whose life depends on physical contact and comfort is being manipulating when they want to fill that need.

Anyway - I shouldn't rant *blush* but better here then to some people irl *wink*


DIY Carrier - Podegai - Black Drill

I made this a week or 2 ago now - a simple black drill podegai using this tutorial...

Wrap Pod

I haven't really used it that much yet but when I have it has been comfortable. I think a different material (with some diagonal give) would be more comfortable on the shoulders.

and an action pic....the wrap straps could of been more spread out under his bum but it was fine like that.

DIY Carrier - Pink Dragonflys

Thanks to NC and BCD members making pretty carriers lately, I was inspired to have another go at making a Mei Tai. - I used the following tutorial....

DIY Conversion Hood to Headrest Mei Tai

I started making it Sunday afternoon, cut out most of the pieces etc, then when the kids went to sleep I got in and finished it.....at about 12:30 this (Monday) morning *Yawn*

I used it this morning for the school drop off and it was comfy :) I made is the right size for Ari to have arms in or out comfortably. The hood is a bit tall for my liking but I will have to have a play with it and see how it goes. Ari has been refusing to go to sleep lately and even baby wearing isn't making a huge difference, he has to have boob.

I think this is going to go live with a friend of mine - it needs a bath now Ari upchucked all over the strap *bleh*.....I really do love the colours...and am tempted to keep it. *blush*

Anyway - some more pics...