Wednesday, July 18, 2007

STASH - Covers

I think this is all of them...

Name Size Description Number
Baby Beehinds WHITE Medium 2
Baby Beehinds WHITE Large 2
Pirate SS
Large from USA 1
If you're not wearing cloth
Large from USA 1
Very Baby
Large One is actually a bit smaller then the other 2
Cuddly-Bub Medium the hook and loop is scratchy but fits well 1
Wool - Knits
Possum Pouches Soaker OSFM Ocean 1
Possum Pouches Shorties Medium ?? Laurieton 1
Nanna Knit Soakers Medium ?? 5
Nanna Knit Longies Medium ?? 4
Nanna Knit Shorties Medium ?? 1
Longies from B4B Medium noo 1
Longies from B4B Medium/large Can't remember the knitter 1
Mumma Knit Soaker Medium Bit dodgey my first go at knitting 1
Wool Wraps
Newborn Wrap TT 3kgs ??? Tag in chinese - only english says 1
100% new wool but it has gussets


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MY STASH - Nappies

OK so I remembered a couple more and have added them.

I have 2 more Cuddly-Bub reconstructions to do and I have a couple of home made nappies that are usable but not that great - I can't master FOE, lol. I am not sure if I should add those. Oh and I have about 40-50 terry flats - some are almost threadbare others are still great.

Name Size Description Number
Pea Pods Medium 6
Pea Pods Medium Old Style Not being used atm - very large sizing 6
Baby Beehind Hemp OSFM Not being used because of wing droop 7
Baby Beehind Bamboo OSFM 2
Very Baby Simply Nights Large 1
Itti Bitti AIO Medium 1 Hemp Insert 1
Itti Bitti AIO Large 6 Hemp (3 faulty) and 3 Bamboo Inserts - too big atm 3
Itti Bitti Fitted Medium 3
Itti Bitti Fitted Large 1
Kidz In Cloth Medium/Large Elastic gone in part of one leg 1
Green Kids OSFM 2 were bought as seconds 4
Whizz Kidz OSFM 3
SwaddleBees AIO Pocket Medium 2
MagicAll AIO Medium Pre Order 3
SwaddleBees Hemp Pocket Medium 1
Berry Plush Medium Everglade One insert 1
Tester Pocket OSFM Hannah - Print PUL 1
Tester Minky AIO Large 8kgs + not working for us 1
Cute Tooshies Bamboo Delight OSFM 1
Fuzzi Bunz PUL Pocket Small 1
Home Made
Wee Weka Fitted Medium Home Made side velcro fitted pocket 1
Wee Weka PUL Pocket Medium Home Made side velcro PUL pocket 1
Wee Weka PUL SS Pocket Large Home Made side snap PUL pocket - too big atm 1
Side Snap Fitted Medium/Large 8kgs + Reconstructed Cuddly-Bub 1
Fleece Pocket - Random Medium Purchased in trading room 1
Fleece Pocket - Random Large/E.Large Free from NC - Joey-n (??) so nice 1


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Poochies Newborn Nappy - Turn and Topstitch

I got started on my newborn nappy tonight and of course had to get it finished. I used a vinnies skirt as the outer, hemp hidden layer + 2 layer hemp hidden soaker and black suedecloth inner. The snap in booster is 3 layers of hemp toped with suedecloth. It was good practice and now that I kinda know what I am doing I will make one for Nate next time.

Oh and yes dolly does wee LOL - maybe not 6 layers of hemp wee but she does wee.

It actually doesn't do up on the tightest snaps around the thighs which surprised me as it is a pretty small doll.

I mucked it up a little (the sewn in soaker is off centre and I missed the outer fabric a little when a did the initial stitching) but mostly I am very happy with it.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Swaddlebees AIO Pockets Medium

I almost forgot to put pictures of these.

I got them from the EB trading room. They have slight staining on the inner but otherwise are in perfect condition - practically new :). I hot washed and sunned them and Nate has worn one of them. They are SO trim and a great fit on my boy, YAY.

I made the hemp booster - will be sewing these 2 together and making another for the other nappy.

I wish I had discovered Swaddlbees sooner.

Our New Lounge

Here it is - came a month early!! - and looks good. Our first new lounge set - so exciting!!

Its not the most expensive but its nice and its ours :) A 2 seater and a 3 seater with chaise.

Todays Mail - 2 WhizzKidz from Tracee and my Poochies Pattern

My 2 nappies from the latest WhizzKids stocking arrived - very cute. I was overcharged postage so got 3 big wipes to make up the cost. Thanks Tracee!!

And OMFG!!! 2 months later my airmail from the USA arrived today~~~about bloody time!!! So now I have a Poochies pattern to make some side snappers for Nate.

First one I make will be a newborn one for Beths baby doll. It says form birth to 4.5kgs so it should fit OK.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I bought 2 T-shirts (exactly the same) from Parents and Pumpkins for Nate and they arrived today. No action shots as Nate is asleep but I think they are great. Oh and if you cant quiet read it they say - Breastmilk It's my drink.

ts a s

Sunday, July 8, 2007

8 Things About Me

OK so I am not tagging anyone but here are 8 things you may not of known about me:

  1. I bite my nails – always have and probably always will. The longest I have gone without doing so was 3 weeks when DS#1 was first born and I was too tired to do anything, lol.
  2. I don’t really feel like I fit in anywhere.
  3. I can be very blunt – honesty comes easily but not always smartly
  4. I have no career, no plan of action after kids get a little older and that frightens me.
  5. Over 3 kids I have breastfed for 3 years all up so far - the shortest being 7.5mths and the longest being 16mths (and still going)
  6. I have 2 sisters who I hated as a child but love now.
  7. For my 3 babies births I pushed for a combined total of 39 minutes – that’s an average of 13 minutes per birth. Pushing was my favorite part of labour, lol.
  8. I love shopping but rarely spend money on myself.
Hope you learned something new :)

Friday, July 6, 2007

I have been BAD...very BAD!!!!

OK so I am supposed to be on a buying ban - I have fabric and I could be sewing up heaps of nappies BUT......I have had enough with trying to get front snappers to work for Nate so am going to buy some side snaps and maybe sell off my BBH and maybe some pea pod shells that are still in good nic.

Today I bought:

2nd hand - 2 almost new Swaddlebees AIO pockets from the EB trading room for $38. Not really cheap but as they have only been used about 6 times each and they cost $31 each new I will take them. They are royal blue (I think) with white microfleece inner and the stuffers are microfibre - I am not a huge fan of microfiber but I will see how they go. I have heaps of hemp here so can make some stuffers to fit the skinny crotch of these to prevent compression leaks if that becomes an issue. I was weary of buying anything with microfiber as I think it doesn't last as long as other materials (Hemp/Bamboo) but seeing as these are practically new they should be OK.

2 Wizz kids side snappers when I stummbled accross the small stocking on Ozebaby. ooops. $52 for 2 with postage. They both have a blue velour inner...yummm...These are sized to fit from around 4kgs to 15 I think. So when I am done with them I can pass them on to my sis for her yet to be conceived bub. I would say Nate will be wearing these till TT though so we will get lots of wear out of them....
and after buying the above I found 1 New Wizz kids on B4B for $20 with postage so I bought that too....this one has a fleece lining and the description said NEW as side snapper didn't suit so thats great!!
OH and Mel (RockMel) has tagged me but as I don't know anyone with a blog that maybe a little hard..we will see lol.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Cuddly -Bub Reconstruction

Cuddly-Bub is the left/bottom nappy and reconstructed is the right/top in each of the four comparison pictures
Top Left _ back, Top Right_ front, Bottom Left_inners, Bottom Right_side

So I may of mentioned these nappies - I got 4 for $27 (I think) with post due to an error on the site so I can't complain about how much I paid (cost them $11 to post). They are one size nappies you tuck/fold the front down for the newborn setting. The elastic is quiet tight (8 or 10mm elastic used) so I am sure leg containment would of been OK but the width was huge through the crotch (wider then a green kids by at least 2-3cms).

The materials were no pre washed at all and the crotch width was a horrible fit on my skinny bummed boy. So I washed and hot dried them - this shrunk the booster and nappy width a little and then removed Velcro (hard/scratchy stuff) and all elastics, unstitched booster and top stitching and turned inside out.

I trimmed down the wings a little and the crotch by 4-5 cms (will get a tape measure and measure soon). I kept the rise as it really wasn't that high rise and I don't mind good coverage. I didn't touch the top part of the nappy nor the front.

I decided on side snap as they fit DS better - I use 6mm elastic and made it not quiet as tight as previously (mine is not for newborns) and added snap positions after I had it all together (so they are a little wonky).

The finshed product fits my 1, 2 and 4 year olds. Each on one of the 3 snap settings I made - it also has room to add another 2 snap settings to make it even wider (don't think I will ever need that though).

Next time (as mentioned I have 4) I may keep the wings the same width and put the snap positions further apart to give a better thigh/hip fit.

I will get a picture of it on the kids soon.....