Monday, May 28, 2007

Custom flongies are here YAY

I got these from Tanyas Ozebaby store Tango Nappies but her web site is here

They are just gorgeous and we love them!....and an action shot....

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Kniting Progress

OK so I started with the back ribbing.

and then.....
and now.....

As I said my increasing sucks - my Nan says she will visit soon and show me how to do it. It will do for now anyway.

I made a Cloth Pad

So tonight I decided to get in and try to make a cloth pad...hmmm...where to start???

I printed off one pattern from Obsi's site but thought it would be to big (very wide and big wings) so I decided to try to draw a symmetrical pad more for light/medium flow. So I did that and then had to decide layers - ended up with (from bottom up: PUL, Soaker pad of 2 flannelet 1 terry toweling. full body layer of flannelet and toped with suedecloth).

I sewed the soaker pads together and then attached them to the full body flannelet and then stitched all layers together inside out - turned in the right way and top stitched - very messily. Oh yeah and then snapped the wings.

The result - ahhh crap - my camera has no power!!!! Argggg.... Will include photos tomorrow...

OK ....took some it is.....

I bought a lounge today....

Pity delivery wont be till August *shrug* Hopefully I will get the lounge room painted before then :). A big thanks to my M&FIL for the wonderful present.

So its my birthday tomorrow - another year older, hehe. No plans - just taking the older 2 to preschool and relaxing at home waiting for the postie to arrive ;).

I have been knitting - my increasing is horrid, I just cant figure it out - I will take some pics tomorrow and show you what I have done. I am not far off finishing - but I don't know how to cast off yet.......but I am getting ahead of myself, still 20 stst rows and 10 rib to go.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Postie didnt come today.....and I didnt find a lounge


I am losing all hope of the Diva Cup arriving - I will leave it to next week and email the seller.

It has been 2 weeks since my Poochies pattern was posted though and it hasn't arrived either - and that is only a letter - so maybe USA post is going slow atm. I hope thats all it is.

My flongies should be on their way very soon - excited - as they were ordered on the 8th I think. My want for these is more excitement then the worry for the above.

It's a hard part of the nappy world - buying online and waiting, always waiting.....

I went to the shop and looked at lounges today - couldnt see anything that I really wanted - I am sure I will find something soon. I want something comfy but sturdy - otherwise these kids would wreck it in an instant.

I can't wait to get rid of these second hand, ripped, dirty, ugly leather lounges!!!!!!!

I think I am suffering from itsalmostmybirthdayitis....hehe.

Target Baby Leg Warmers

Beth says "My favorite colour is PINK!!!!!"

I got these from Target for $3.75 each (normally $4.99) yesterday (with the baby/infant socks and tights) - I also got two pairs for Nate in Navy and brown and blue stripe. They fit both arms and legs really well though if you had a really chubby bubba/child I think they would be too tight. Beth loves them.

A sewing day...that involved no sewing..hehe

Mel (RockMel - NC) and I met up again today - took us a while, the last time was months ago, but we got there. I got to see gorgeous Jet and also met Mels DH Rocky and her dad..oh and not to forget Oscar.

The original plan was a sewing day based on me using Mels snap press but as I have one now it seemed like a good time to chat - so we did - just try to shut me up when I have adult company *blush, sorry Mel* . My kids tried their hardest to drop/spill food in every corner of the room and Beth had fun watching DVDs - Rocky gave us a pumpkin to bring home and Beth is still so chuffed (had to grab it to show her dad when he got home).

Mel gave me some Jade snaps too use and also some FOE so I will have to attempt a Chloe Toes Nappy very soon.

Also got to see a cloth pad for the first time - and I am going to attempt to make one. Maybe this weekend if I get the time.

No more mail today - waiting on Diva, Flongies and Poochies Pattern. I hope the mailman comes tomorrow *fingers crossed the Diva comes*.

Snap Press and Wool Arrived Monday


Monday afternoon my snap press arrived from Snaps Australia - I must say that once again I have received fabulous service, I added a few things to my order and they were very helpful and the post was so prompt and when they said it would be. Also they sent some 100's packs instead of nappy packs (100/75/25) which is great. Now to get snapping.

My wool also arrived - beautiful colours and am having fun trying to knit it up. Will show progress photos in a couple of days (if I am going OK).

Friday, May 18, 2007

Waiting for the postie..patiently..

OK so not so patiently ;)

And maybe not even the postie for all of them as some may not of been posted yet but just waiting in general is torture....lmao

Stuff I'm waiting on:

Diva Cup - From Happy Nursery. I paid for this on the 27th of April and it still hasn't arrived - I have emailed them as it is supposed to be my sisters birthday pressie and at the moment its not going to be here on time (Monday 21st is her birthday). Am hoping it shows up soon and isnt lost in the post.

Wool - 100g of wool from Trish 2nd hand from Susanne's House of Wool (I think) There was a little mix up but this should arrive this coming week so I can start knitting.

Custom Flongies - from Tango Nappies - I gave Tanya 3 ideas and asked her to surprise me :) These should arrive during the next week as well. Very excited to see what she makes up.

Snap Press - From Snaps Aust.. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Generally post is really quick from Alex so fingers crossed it arrives Mon or Tues. Also has some snaps for Mel in this order.

Poochies Fitted Pattern - This is coming form the States (due to a postage mix up I had some credit) and was posted Last Friday so should arrive very soon.

Is that all ?? Yep I think so.

I will enjoy my weekend but I cant wait for Monday.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fabric Arrives....Waiting On ?? ...... and My Mother Day pressie fabric arrived last week.

7 yards of suedecloth (because I only ordered a cut instead of a yard of the orange..doh) and 8 yards of PUL. The purple PUL has some faults :( but as I am only making nappies for home use I am not overly concerned. I also got some Velcro 800 which is supper soft and feels as though it will be great on nappies.

And look what DH got me for Mothers Day!!!!!!! Well you know its not here yet and wont be here for a couple of weeks yet but I am stoked. My very own snap press machine.

I was going to borrow Mel's (such a sweetie we were supposed to have a sewing day tomorrow but my kids are sick *sob*) and I was cool with that but hinted that I would like one and he actually listened so has pre-ordered it for me tonight. I chose white, black, choc brown, bright blue, lavender and Orange snaps and got a sample pack to check put all the colours.

I also have the Fitted Poochies side snap pattern on its way - I really like fitteds and would love to be able to make some little ones if my sis has a bub.

Hmmm.....What else.....I have some 2nd hand wool on its way from Trish - 100grms to hopfully knit a beanie for Beth for winter with little ear flaps and pompoms. I am kidding myself right.

Oh and I bought my sister a Diva Cup for her 29th Birthday thats in a week or so so am hoping that gets here soon.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Recycled Nappy Challenge from March '07

NC had a recycled nappy challenge in which we were to make a nappy from recycled goods.

This is my effort. Using the same WeeWeka pattern as I used making my PUL pocket I used an old fleece jumper, a garage sale scrap, some left over TT and an old nighty to make this fitted pocket.

Best thing of all is I use it all the time !!! Its trim and easy to use, fast drying as well. I have been stuffing it with a hemp tri-fold with the recycled insert on top for faster absorption.

My First Homemade PUL Pocket from March '07

So this was made in March '07. As you can see it has a Fluro/Lime Green PUL outer and a royal blue fleece inner. I made this using the WeeWeka S-M side Snap Pattern - using Hook and Loop instead.

I struggled a little with the fleece slipping so its a bit wonky but not too bad. I used a regular needle as I don't have a ball one - it that important?? (I think it may be although I have had no problems) I will have to go buy some needles.

Nate is actually skinnier now - having just suffered a bout of vomiting and gastro - and it fits him on the tightest setting. I must get my boy to grow !! He takes this nappy off all the time so I have to put clothes over it.

It really works well but I am aiming on using a pattern that will fit for a bit longer - that he is more on the lower end of the scale for now.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Possum Pouches Shorties (well 3/4's)

I just love these - the colour is just gorgeous....I can't fault the knitting. They are a bit fluffy on the knees as Nate was crawling when we got them but other wise they still look fab.


Well I have 6 of the old style pink Mediums and 6 of the new style Mediums (one was dirty when I took the pic, lol).

The old style have held up pretty well although we are no longer using them as Beth is going to the toilet now, YAY!!! We were using them stuffed to the hilt and held on with a fleece cover for nights with mostly success - Beth was getting welts from her toxic wee though so we had to switch to disposables at night :( on a positive she has been dry most nights since the switch so hopefully she will be night dry full-time soon. They are way to big on Nate as he is a skinny 9kgs.

I haven't had much luck with the new style ones - all up I think 5 lost the elastic in one leg - they were replaced. I cannot fault Alex's customer serivce, she has been fabulous, she even replaced each nappy with new inserts and bags - but alas the nappies just don't like us.

One of the ones I use I tried to replace the elastic and didn't do a very good job, hehe. I have been thinking of unpicking it all and making a newborn nappy for when my sister has a bub.

Baby Beehinds

I have 7 BBH and 2 BBB - also 2 med and 2 lrg PUL covers.

I bought the nappies...hmmmm...I cant remember exactly when but I think just before Christmas '06 .

The covers were one of my first purchases(Aug-Sept 06 I think) - they are very stained on the outer from dirt and general wear but the inner is pretty much stain free. I am not a big fan of white in general but I find the covers effective - they got used quiet a bit as first over flats but now they are not used very often.

I like the BBB - I use them at night on Nate boosted with a hemp trifold (6 additional layers) - with a knitted wool cover. They are smaller then the BBH and not stretchy so are a better (smaller) fit on him.

The BBH are a little big for Nate. They are designed to be used with a snug cover I know but I would like to be able to use them under my woolies but for us they just don't work for that - the curse of the skinny bubba I guess.

They are a good workhorse nappy. I find them fiddly with the boosters that seem to twist and bunch up, but because of those boosters the drying time is pretty good.

They just don't suit Nate at the moment - I have been debating trading them but keep thinking that they may come in handy when Nate is older and bigger.