Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Belly Shot - 14 weeks

I just realised I put this pic on NC but forgot to put it here.

So here is my 14 week podge, lol, yep it is getting bigger everyday.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Water Consumption

We got our water bill today and although it has gone down a 'little' it is still too high for my liking.

We used 98kl this period (about 6 mths) which averages out at 510 litres per day - or 102 litres per person per day.

What can I do to reduce this????

I plan on getting a new washing machine - thinking about the aqua smart top loader but really need to do my research first. I am sure that would help.

We dont use water outside the home as a) we are on water restrictions and b) we just don't bother/are not allowed to water our plants or wash our cars.

We wash up by hand......well DH does this mainly.....and we have 2 dogs which obviously add to the water usage through baths and drinking water but not too much.

Obviously less/or shorter showers should be taken and we are working on that.

So any bright ideas??

For Baby in Belly

OK so when Fiona (Fi Kiwi) offered her newborn nappies for swap I jumped in as fast as I could and ended up with first dibs ;) I have no newborn nappies to speak of so I thought I should get started and what a great way to start. So we worked out a swap.

This is what I should be getting in the post end of this or early next week *does a little dance*.

There are:

15 infant prefolds
8 NB Whizz Kidz
3 NB side snap fitteds
4 Small Bummies SWW
3 NB Pro wraps
3 size 1 Tots Bots snappiable
1 size 1 Tots Bots Aplix
2 NB Bummies Whisper Wraps
oh and a couple of snappies

I am so excited, can you tell, lol.

I will be making some small snappiable nappies to use as well so then baby has something to grow into and I can use them with the front folded down on a smaller bub. I have to make little boosters as well.

I also got a baby rocker today (the one from our other kids has been outside for a while now, ever since it had beer spilt on it *blush*). This one was from a lady of EB - it was $15 and it vibrates and plays music. It is only suitable up to about 9.5kgs but I really only used them for the 1-5 months age anyway so it suits us perfectly. Oh and it has a little sun hood for when bub is watching me hang his/her nappies on the line and brothers and sister play.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

18mths of Breastfeeding

After reading Mel's blog entry on feeding Jet for 9mths (YAY!!!) I realised that I have been breastfeeding Nate for 18mths!!

18mths was the original time that I wanted to breastfeed him for, I can't believe that we are there already. Now that I am 3 mths pregnant I don't have much supply but he still loves a breastfeed to comfort him and relax him before bed or upon waking - its just now he asks for a drink of water first, lol.

So now with #4 on the way my thoughts turn to breastfeeding while pregnant and the possibility of tandem feeding. I breastfed Beth until I was 17 weeks pregnant with Nate - she was only 13mths when I stopped feeding her and down to 1 feed a day. The reasons I stopped were, my nipples were so sore, I felt it was time and I was getting braxton hicks which freaked me out a little . So this time I wonder what will happen I will be 15 weeks on Sunday and Nate is still feeding anywhere from 2 to 5 times a day.....I am not making any decisions as yet, just seeing how we go as there is still 6mths till this baby comes and things evolve.

So now for some pics - Our breastfeeding time together......

1 - first feed ~~~ 2- 3mths ~~~ 3- 5mths ~~~ 4- 14mths ~~~5- 18mths

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rose Ella - just beautiful

My darling sister bought these for the kids when she went away to Bonny Hills with her boyfriend, I am in love with the bright colours and will be buying a bonds suit for #4 to wear home from the hospital for sure, the one I bought as a present but then kept *blush* is a 00 so a little big for a newborn.

The pants are supposed to be a 2-3 - they are like 3/4's on DD who turned 3 yesterday and fit her skinny waist perfectly and they also fit DS#2 (18mths) as full length pants but they are a little long.

The bodysuit is a 0 so will fit baby during winter/spring but I will find a way to show it off, lol.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

HAIR - I feel pretty, oh so pretty...lol

I finally got my hair done, nothing major, just some foils and a cut, but gosh I feel great. For me life's more fun as a blonde. I just feel blah when my hair is its natural dark (poo) blonde and after going through morning sickness I really needed a pick me up. The cut is blunt as I wanted to neaten the back up and I got just a little shaping at the front.

Before: the only pic I could find the represents the colour and length.

And after, front and back:

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our Trip to QLD for Liams 5th Birthday

OK so its been a while, almost a month in fact, since our trip but I have been slack.

We had a great trip to QLD, took the kids to Dreamworld and Seaworld, Grandma paid for Dreamworld (thanks to Kris (NC) for the discount for tickets) so we splashed out and took them to Seaworld as well.

I hope that his birthday trip was one that Liam will remember fondly. He loved the Reptar roller coaster, Pirate ship, and anything fast or wet that he was tall enough to go on. I, as you may be aware now, lol, am pregnant so only went on the baby rides.

Here are some pics of our time away:

Pic1 - ReptarRollarcoaster Pic 2 and 3 - SeaWorld Log Ride Pic 4 - Pirate Ship Pic 5 - Nate and I on the Blues Clues Ride Pic 6 - Beth and Grandma @ Dreamworld Pic 7 - Beth, Nate and Myself on the Ferris Wheel at Seaworld.