Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Newborn All In 2's

I decided to have another go at sewing PUL the other day....I almost like sewing with the walking foot and PUL+suedecloth and quiet dislike sewing with PUL+microfleece but I got there and they turned out OK.

I haven't quiet finished yet as the brown one has no booster and the other needs to be snapped in. I think I have finally gotten the hang of elastic...well almost and am so happy with how that is going...it probably helps that I bought a bunch of 10mm elastic (but its actually 9mm???) from nappies covered and its heaps better to work with :) and I also got some great advice from the seasoned sewers on Nappycino.

My Whizz Kidz Fitteds were my inspiration :) as you can probably see from the nappies...I have a few patterns here but really liked the basic design of the WK's. The WK's I have are second hand and very well used..one frayed a bit when I washed them but they should last me for at least 6 weeks. The elastic in them isn't that tight on the legs...I wonder if thats how they are made as the elastic still stretches a fair bit or if thats just from use....

The purple one is a tad smaller then a WK fitted, it has velcro 800 closure and 8 layers of hemp in the booster...Looks really cute and like it might actaully work, lol. Oh yeah but I sewed it with the stretch going up instead of across...*doh*.

The brown one is a little bigger all around and has blue and brown snaps that are very uneven and badly placed. The microfleece shifts around so much when you sew it but I went really slow and its wasn't too bad in the end.

I will make a couple of the smaller ones with Velcro closure as I think they will be handy in the first few weeks in that they are simple to put on and I can make them fairly absorbent.

OK well thats it....I am not sure I will be updating very often over the holidays as DH is home for a few weeks but I will try...

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone :) a run down of our silly season so far.....

Christmas Eve was spent at Carols by Schooner light at the golf club were the kids had a ball running around and playing (we came home with 5 golf balls from our exploring). There was a sausage sizzle/salad dinner from which all I had was a sausage sandwich and a piece of tomato...but somehow managed to spend Christmas morning throwing up and with a sore tummy :( along with some of the others that ate there that night....The kids did not get sick from the food thank goodness but I think they were to busy playing to eat it.

We had a nice Christmas Day (other then the nausea and tummy aches).....the kids were spoiled with wonderful gifts and we all had a nice time with family. Nate managed to sleep 5 hours (2pm till 7pm) and then went back to bed at 10pm.....seemed a little ominous as normally he would be running around.

Boxing day has been a lazy day...Nate woke at 6:30am with a fever and has been a very cranky boy most of the day, he has once again gone and climbed into bed with his daddy for another sleep. I think its is probably from chewing on the bloody golf ball we collected. The other 2 are watching TV and lazying around which is nice.

I got a few small things as gifts...a book, a top and a beach towel....Scott and the kids didn't get me anything as I want a new camera (as ours is dying slowly) and the sales will be on during the next month or so so we can get it cheaper.

Now for a pic of my cherubs on Christmas morning....Nate was the last to rise so the others were showered and dressed, waiting to open their presents, lol....

Just wanted to chuck in a picture of my little man sleeping in our bed....I would love to go take one right now as DH and Nate are both sleeping and are holding hands..awwwww...but I don't want to disturb them.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Hi Mel...*waves*

A post just for you because I have been so slack and I think you are the only one who reads my blog, pmsl.....thanks for the awards and when I get a little while and I have the patience to wait for your blog to load I will have a proper look....*blush*....I hope all is going well and that Jets real birthday is fabulous :).

We should definatley catch up next month after the silly season is over.....

xoxo Hayley.

Poochies Nappies - Size Small

I made 3 small Poochies fitted nappies yesterday *shock*.

The first one I made was a Lightning McQueen one...I didn't add the the seam allowance so the frills are smaller and I didn't do hidden snaps... I did hidden on the other 2.

Outer: Lightning McQueen print
Hidden: hemp fleece
Inner: Hemp Fleece
Snap in booster of 4 layers of hemp and 1 of print
I made this one as all natural materials to see how it goes.

The second was the Celestial print.....I really like the colours in this one.

Outer: Celestial Print
Hidden: Hemp Fleece and attached soaker of 2 layers hemp fleece
Inner: Lavender suede cloth
Snap in of 3 layers of hemp fleece topped with suedecloth

Third was the doggie paw one...cute and colourful.

Outer: Paw Print
Hidden: Hemp Fleece and attached soaker of 3 layers hemp fleece
Inner: Teal suede cloth
Snap in of 4 layers of hemp fleece topped with suedecloth

The picture also has the 2 newborn ones that I made a while ago to show the difference in size. I plan on making some more small and medium fitteds but am thinking of doing velcro800 as I think that will be easier for the night changes...we will see as I love the look of these ones.

26 week Belly

I went to the Dr last week and they listened to bubs heart...all sounded normal for the minute that they listened so now I will continue on as normal and if ectopic beats are detected again bub will have an ECG after he is born (just like Beth did). The Dr actually measured me at 25cms for almost 26 weeks where the middie 2 weeks before measured me at 3-4 weeks behind *shrugs*. My placenta was 1cm from my cervix at 19 weeks so I will have another scan at 32-34weeks to check if it has moved up and I am sure it will of. The Dr last week told me no BDing or heavy lifting....but well its a bit late for that as we have been and I have kids that need picking up....

Pregnancy complaints......lol.......most are minor.....sciatica, swollen bits *ouch*, heart burn, dizziness occasionally, painful braxton hicks and tiredness.

Pregnancy joys....:).....the kids kissing my bump and saying good night to their baby brother, all the wiggles and movement I am getting are just so wonderful even 4th time round and even now that they are getting to my ribs, the utter amazing fact that I am growing another little person.

Only 3 months to go now and wow that seems so soon....I really don't have that much to do in preparation, I am making some small nappies and our main job is buying a car and hiring a capsule for the first 6 mths.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Inspired by Sues fantastic effort I thought I would give shirring a go today.

I used a second hand skirt bought for $1 and it turned out pretty well....room for improvement but wearable. The skirt already had 3 tiers and rick rack and ribbon sewn on so I removed the waist elastic, cut the skirt open at the seam and then cut a piece to use for the dress. I hemmed the top and then did the shirring on the top tier (a bit wobbly but thats OK), sewed the side seam up and then added some straps.

No pattern was used of course but it fits Beth well and she says she feels like Barbie Island Princess which is a big thumbs up from her. I have enough skirt here to do 2 more dresses, but that wont be happening today as the house is a mess from my lack of supervison, lol.

Thanks for looking :0)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Woolies from The Wooly Weaver

I was naughty and used some of the Christmas money to buy Nate and Bub some Shorties *Blush*....how can I whine when I can't control myself.

Anyway I received these today - Nate's were $35, bubs were $20 - post was $5.30. From memory, as the listings are gone, Nate's are knit from Dylicious 'Mocha Magic' and Bubs are Merino wool I think??.

They are very nice, I love the colours in Nate's and bubs are so tiny and cute.

I don't like that you can see some of the short rows in both of them...and there is a gap/hole right beside where the short rows are visible in one spot.....maybe I am spoiled by our possum pouches knits as they are just perfect and you cant see where the shorts rows are at all. I don't think that this will effect them at all...maybe I am too picky or expect too much.

Anyway here they are....they look great on Nate :) and for the price I shouldn't complain.

Diapers By Deb

Continuing on my "finally I found my camera card" upload..lol... here is a purchase I made a few weeks ago while the aussie dollar was doing great.

I bought 2 covers from Diapers By Deb - size small (7-15lbs) - with 2mil print PUL outers and suedecloth inners, TT closure for ease of use with a newbie. Total cost with post was about $24AUS and Deb included 3 wipes and 4 little pieces of London Ribbits Royal Heiny Wash (which smells lovely and I am using on Nate to test out). I couldn't find print PUL covers for the same price in Australia and am quiet happy to support a SAHM no matter what country she resides in.

Can't wait to try them on bub...

Beths Christmas Dress

I went down the markets a couple of weeks ago to get Beth her Christmas dress, it cost about $15-16 (I think)...and here it is...she wore one made by the same lady for her first Christmas.

I know that by the time I bought fabric and spent the time making it this is a great buy for the price and she will look very cute in it of course.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Newborn Stash

This is what I have so far for baby boy in belly.

I have been working on filling the gap in the small - medium sizing, Nate started at 5-6mth and 8kgs so there are a few nappies needed before new bub will fit those.

A lot of these nappies were bought 2nd hand, some were made by me, some are Nates nappies that didn't suit....very few are new. This has saved me money in that the newborn ones wont be used for long but they will be nice to have and I don't think I have spent any where near as much as I would of spent on newborn disposables.

Newborn--Small Flats/Fitteds

25 x Infant Prefolds
7 x NB Whizz Kidz Flannelette Fitted
3 x NB Side Snap Fitteds
1 x XS Bumgenius Fitted
3 x NB Fitteds Made by Me (2 Poochies 1 HB)

4 x size 1 Cotton Tots Bots snappiable
1 x size 1 Cotton Tots Bots Aplix
1 x Small Girly Fitted (b4b Suzanne)
3 x Small Poochies Fitteds Made by me
4 x Small Honeyboy! Fitteds made by me
Terry Flats

Newborn--Small AIO / AI2

2 x NB AI2 made by me

Newborn--Small Pockets

1 x Small Fuzzi Buns

OSFM Fitteds - to use from 4.5kgs or so

1 x Bamboo Velor CB (elastic has not been tight ever and on washing it has failed)
3 x Hemp Whizz Kidz Side Snappers

Covers PUL/Wool

2 x Snibs
3 x NB Pro Raps
2 x NB Bummies Whisper Pants
1 x NB Wool Cover (tie dyed by me)
1 x “Camo” Newborn Soaker from Woolly Butts

2 x Small (7–15 lbs) print PUL covers Diapers By Deb
4 x Small Bummies SWW
4 x BBH PUL small
1 x Knitted Soaker Small/Medium

Bits and Pieces

7 x Suede cloth topped 2 layer mini hemp boosters for NB Whizz Kidz
Some 2 and 3 layer mini hemp and bamboo boosters
8 snappies in the packet and 3 in use (somewhere, lol)
And wipes and wipes solution (how good does it smell)

I welcome any input and advice on what you found fabulous on your newborn or what you may think my stash is lacking....I am having fun sewing nappies now and am planning on making some more when I get the time.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Mel's Giving away $50US

Hehehe...well I would never knock back the chance to win some money right ;)o so here I am mentioning Mels wonderful blog, with pics of the cutest little boy and lots of stuff about nappies and related things.

Mels blog which you can find here: http://www.melinanutshell.com/ has details on how you could win.

Hmmm......what would I do with $50? I would spend it obviously...but on what you might ask - NAPPIES, lol, for bub of course or maybe some sewing supplies to make nappies for bubs, hehe, I am so predictable,

So send me your lucky vibes *rubs belly*.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baby Belly 22+3weeks

Well the title says it all really, lol, here is my belly :) It is getting bigger everyday and there is so much movement now - he is kicking up a storm as I type:).

Dying Wool With Food Colouring

I had a go at dying the other night so here is my first ever effort at dying wool....actually my first ever dying of anything....lol.

Monday, November 12, 2007

....everyday rambling...

DH came shopping with me yesterday *shock* he saw how much money it costs to feed the family (plus extra milk and fruit I have to buy each week) what an eye opener for him.

I am much more relaxed this week and have some money aside to pay for Christmas pressies.

I also have to get DS school stuff ready for Kindy next year - I can't believe my baby is going to school in 3mths. I have bought his backpack (Chrissy), lunch box, a hat, 5 shirts, 2 shorts, socks - I guess I need to get him a jumper and trackie pants but they can probably wait till later in the year. I think another 3 pairs of shorts, library bag and some shoes and we have the basics covered. Oh and some name lables.

So when I combine DS#1 growing up with begin pregnant I understand a little more why I have been so crazy latley. I am not usually one to freak out like I have been.

Anyway - Cheers for listening :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

*Sigh* sewing and swapping

I have decided not to buy any more stuff for bub until we can get ourself sorted out. I was planning on layby and DH was cool with that but I just need to take a breather and think...

I will instead use what I have here to make some nappies. I have a snap press, patterns and sewing machine so can do everything I need to, it just involves time and patience. I have a few yards of PUL and suedecloth - also about 3.5metres of hemp fleece so I will see what I can do and then maybe do some swaps :). Send me some creative vibes and motivation :).

My dilemma - what can I swap - I guess I could swap some of the fabric? Or my photoshop "skills" lol? I could of course pay but it would depend on the price...oh I wish I was really good at something useful.

I have some white bonds suits here that I would like tie dyed for bubs so will maybe put that in the wanted section and see if anyone can help.

I would like some Velcro closure little gusseted snap in AIOs for bubs - for night changes - I guess in smalls. I will need FOE for that.

Also would love some newborn longies/long shorts for bub with a shirring elastic waistband (picky much, lol) - I have the wool here - just sheen sheep stuff from BigW . I just don't have the ability without a lot of practice.

So I will work towards fulfilling those goals for now - and take a deep breath and remember that we are all healthy and that money stresses are not the end of the world.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Fluff Arrived!! Possum Pouches and Whizz Kidz Nightz

What a fabulous fluffy morning I have had today . At 7:30am there was a knock at the door and it was the postie delivering some great fluffy mail .

Firstly - Nate's Christmas present, now I know he shouldn't see it before the day but I had to try them on to make sure they fit so I could wash them ready to be worn on the day . The beautiful Robyn made me another nappy in the medium long size as the large would of been too big on him. I am so thankful for the great service and thoughtfulness .

The nappy has:
Outer: imported flannel featuring pirate designs
Inner: soft orange cotton velour.
Concealed layers: full layer of double napped flannel and a soaker of 4 layers of bamboo terry.
2 Trifold boosters: 1 has 2 layers of bamboo terry plus a layer of orange cotton velour and the second has one layer of bamboo fleece and a layer of orange cotton sherpa. Both have a strip of suedecloth.

The shorts are teal, orange and jacaranda. I love the picot cuff.

Secondly - 2 Whizz Kidz Nightz nappies and a bamboo fitted (no pic as I already chucked it in the wash ). The Nightz look good on, slight gape at the front of the thigh when he lays down but that shouldn't be an issue - They are done up on the tightest thigh and second tightest waist setting - they are drying now and hopefully I can give them a go for day sleeps for the next week to get the washes up so we can get him out of disposables at night.

The fitted is a red snake scale print and gorgeous I will post pics when he wears it.

Fluff Expected This Week

I love when you know fluffy mail is coming.....this week I am waiting on.....

Nate's Christmas present - his knitted and fitted pirate set from Possum Pouches - the wonderful Robyn offered to make him a Medium long instead of the large so it has been a little longer coming. I can't wait to see them and hope that they fit him OK - the curse of the very skinny bub, lol. It was really so nice of Robyn and I am so thankful :).

Whizz Kidz - 2 Nightz and a Bamboo day nappy - It will be good to put him back into cloth at night, Beth is wearing disposables as she gets super red raw rash from cloth :( - hopefully she will get more aware soon and be out of nappies all together. I have been thinking I should give the WKN a go on her but I worry about her toxic wee eating the fabric away (gosh I am paranoid about bamboo) - I will have to get a few washes up first anyway and see how they go on Nate.

B4B - a Elly Belly soaker from buy for baby. I think I paid $7.50 with post. Cute little blue and white number with a couple of little planes on it.

I really want to buy some stuff for baby but really cant decide what small nappies to get - I was planning on fitteds but am really not sure atm.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Whizz Kidz Nightz

Some may know we have been using disposables at night - a combination of reasons (morning sickness, heavy wetting, no suitable nappies, smelly hemp) - so after reading a night nappy thread and having tried Whizz Kidz side snapper hemp day nappies and found them a great fit I thought that the Nightz would be a great nappy for Nate.

The upside of these nappies for us is:

*Made from Bamboo fleece (85% bamboo/15% organic cotton).
* 16 - 18 layers.
*Fast drying.
*Multi-fit design to fit from 4.5 - 17kgs.
* Able to be used now for Nate and later for bub in belly.

I find the hemp day nappies are good but not quiet absorbent enough for Nate so while I was buying the Nightz I picked up a new Bamboo day nappy as well. I will keep the hemp ones for bub in belly as they should be a great nappy from about 2mths but will be giving the bamboo a go on Nate.

I do worry about the longevity of bamboo - but I guess time will tell. Oh and I actually told DH about this purchase and he didn't bat an eyelid - hehe - hangover guilt.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Renovations and Air Conditioning

We live in a fibro shack - be bought it 7 years ago and we have a done a bunch in regards to fixing up (it was a total dump) but it is still a fibro shack that needs heaps of improvement. We call it home and hopefully will be here for a very long time - but there are things we want done.

There are plenty of little things that need doing but he main thing is an extension - a new rumpus area, kitchen/dining area this will enable us to turn the existing kitchen into a bedroom (making it a 3 bedroom 1 study house). To do this first we had to remove the garage and maybe build a new one on the back of the block (that makes it sound like a big block but its not).

So the first step......

DH demolished the garage - YAY!! It really opens the back yard up a bunch. It was pretty useless, when we had a downpour it flooded and the fibro was breaking on the outside, and of course it was in the way of the extension. I am very happy it is gone.

It will be a while before we can do much else but its a step in the right direction :)

He also put a new window in the kids room - no more rattling glass (has done so for the 7 years we have been here..so annoying) - it also looks heaps better from the street.

I really wanted to have the floor boards sanded and polished before this bub came but I just don't think its going to happen *sigh* they just look so messy no matter how much I wash, scrub, sweep, mop them. I also wanted to get all the patches of bare giprock sanded and painted but its not happening.

I bought a reverse cycle air conditioner on Monday - it is sitting in the lounge room waiting to be installed (hopefully before December) and I am so happy.

When pregnant with Nate through the summer I suffered..lol...pity party for me, so this time with all these record temperatures we seem to be having I really wanted the option of being able to put he AirCon on if it is going to be a 40 degree day. We have a flat roof so it gets hot in here.

I hope that makes sense - rambling a little.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

B4B Fluff

I bought a Bumgenius XS nappy on B4B - it also came with a 0000 bonds suit that might fit bub for the first week and 2 Eenee snibs. I think I paid about $18 with post.

The nappy is quiet small and will be coming to hospital with us as I imagine it will be a great fit on a little newbie :) the snibs look a little fiddly, I will bring them to hospital too but for the first 24 hours I wonder if bubs will need a cover? I was thinking just laying him on a terry flat.....so much to think about....I guess the black tar poo could be dangerous, lol.

I am so excited about bubs arrival and its still 20 weeks away, lol. I really can't wait to see what he looks like and to hold him in my arms for the first time.

Anyway...rambling on ...:)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Baby is a BOY!!!!

The ultrasound went wonderfully today!!!! Bub co-operated and the pictures are amazing - I didn't get any still pics but did get a DVD of the scan *WOW* so I just captured images from that.

I am on cloud nine and so thankful that all appears well. I have what is still classed as a low lying placenta but the sonographer said that she is very confident that it will move and that although she has to document it as low lying it is not covering the cervix in any way and being anterior it should get pulled up as we grow. I had the same thing with Beth and it moved no dramas so I am not stressing this time.

The plan was to get the sex written down and placed in a sealed envelope so Scott and I could find out together but it was SO clear that it is a BOY, lol, see pic.

Pictures: Top 2 are profiles, the second with hand to mouth
Next 2 are 3D images (4D real time they call it) of the face
Next are the boy bits on the left and thumbs up on the right
Bottom pic is 3D again this time you can see a hand, arm, face and the cord across the face.

So happy and thankful right now :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Newborn Fitted - HoneyBoy -ish

My other sewing project from today - a fitted based on the HoneyBoy pattern.

I had an OK time making this one but I think I stuffed the leg elastic a little - I use 10mm elastic but think its a little too tight at the legs. Also the tabs are too long - I think I was supposed to sew more within the nappy yk? so I made it a cross over. And last but not least I only had 1.5 inch Velcro 800 and cut that down for the tabs but then forgot to do it for the front loop and laundry tabs.

Outer and Inner - Flannelet
Hidden Layer - Hemp Fleece
Hidden Booster - 2 layers Hemp Fleece
Lay In Booster - 2 layers Hemp Fleece, 2 layers flannelet

Should be plenty of absorbency for a little one right - 4 layers flannelet - 5 hemp fleece.

This one is, in stark contrast to the cover, quiet boyish.

Only a couple more days and we find out........what do you think, boy or girl?

Newborn Cover with gussets

Another go as gussets - this time throwing my 2 other arch enemies, FOE and PUL, lol.

Much swearing was done *blush* but I got there in the end. I stuffed up - I didn't stretch the elastic when doing thew second leg *DOH* but you cant really notice and it really doesn't make much difference. Now I wonder if you are actually supposed to stretch that anyway???

I got the pattern from HERE - It is the one marked "Wee Weka Pocket with Gussets/FOE (small)". Obviously I made it as a cover because the thought of stuffing such a small pocket is not appealing to me. I really don't understand how to gather the gusset within the leg elastic space without having to ruffle it up by hand as you sew, iykwim.

Oh and yes its Pink but I don't know what sex we are having yet.

Outer - Magenta PUL
Gussets - Purple PUL
Inner - Lavender Suedecloth
FOE - White
Snaps - Lavender

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oooops...fluffy purchases, lol

I couldnt resist the Gossamer Dreams stocking and having just received Nate's immunisation allowance I wanted to get him something special for Christmas.

I really wanted the "Beam me up Scotty" set with the black shirt and AIO but alas it went before I could grab it *sob*. I did manage to get the fitted that I wanted though with the same Michael Miller print *yay* and I also got the shorties and the pirate fitted set that I was eying off - only problem is that the fitted is large (so are the woolies but they have a draw string so no dramas) and I wonder if there is any chance of it fitting Nate *fingers crossed* he is so skinny and I may just have to frame it - his sister was small too and for a little while was able to wear a large IB before TT so maybe there is hope.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wees on the toilet

So proud of my little man (19 months) - last night he initiated 2 wees on the toilet. He had wet a little first - felt it and then insisted on getting on the toilet and finishing up there.

He is so proud and I tell him to go tell daddy and off he goes so happy smiling from ear to ear - pointing to his groin and then the bathroom as he doesn't say wee yet only poo, lol.

He is becoming a monster wee'er again - he has almost completely weaned himself of the breast, just the occasional suck and instead drinks heaps of water and some milk.

He wet through his Magic All in 1.5 hours yesterday, it had wicked through the front touch tape and at the legs - now I will have to boost them all the time and it takes away form the easy factor of an all in one.

So anyway....I am a very proud mumma....:)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I made these today - just one pair with the 2 kids modeling for me. I was going to give them to somebody but am unsure I should share my crappy sewing skills, lol.

I like how they look - I just think I could of done a better job if I took more time.

I made them using some denim type material I was given and an old pillow case for the pocket - the only things that cost money was the thread and elastic. I love being able to create functional (well kinda ;)) clothing with my own imagination.

Rollicking Rascals

I got this nappy second hand when I got the new prefolds from Bubs in Cloth. I paid $12.50 for it and for the cute factor I am very happy with it.

I have been using it as a cover as when I tried it with the boosters that it came with it gaped at the legs and with no poop protection I just can't relax, lol, I will have to try a simple trifold. When I use it as a cover you can slightly see the fitted (Itti Bittis) at the legs if you look hard but because of the ruffles covering we have had NO LEAKS even when the nappy is saturated.

It is an adjustable nappy and can be used from "birth" I think - I cant find any pictures of one of these on a small bub though - I assume you just use the bottom row of snaps and fold down the front. I think that I will be able to use it as a cover on a smaller baby for sure. I find it very frustrating that I can not (despite a few shops now making these) find any "how to" photos.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Unbleached Prefolds

10 prefolds from Bubs in Cloth arrived yesterday - they have been washed once on hot and dried on warm once and have shrunk down and fluffed up. Apparently you have to wash the unbleached ones about 5 times to remove the natural oils - I will just do this when I (on the very odd occasion) wash on hot to get them ready for bubs bottom.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Beths Dress

A very simple dress but a dress none the less.

I bought the fabric ages ago and it has just been sitting here cut out and waiting.

Beth loves it which is great for my ego, lol.

I used a blue/aqua thread and bright blue snaps to contrast with the brown which turned out really well - but I mainly did so because MIL borrowed my brown thread ages ago and I keep forgetting to get it back.


Grrrr to gussets, lol, Nah it was fiddly but not that bad....I will try again next week when I get some peace on Preschool Day.

This nappy was made from the Poochies Side Snap Pattern - adjusted in the leg area and with a gusset added. Its not perfect but I think it will be usable on bub. I was planning on making some nappies for our friends that are considering cloth for their second bub - and figured gussets would be great as they would minimize leaks for a newbie.

It is made with some flanelet that I was given and an old terry toweling flat. Obviously the snaps elastic and thread were new but a pretty cheap nappy really.

It felt really good to get my sewing machine out and I also made Beth a dress which I will have to take some photos of in a second - a very productive sewing day for a novice like me.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Belly pic 16w6days

I took a photo of myself when taking photos of nappies today so here is my almost 17 week belly. It's a bit grainy as I had to zoom and crop the nappies out..hehe.

DH looked at me yesterday and went oh my god HOW BIG IS YOUR BELLY!!!!! Yep, popping out now :). Oh and he meant it in a nice way.

I haven't really felt many more movements..but I figure the anterior placenta has a lot to do with that. I cant wait for my Morphology scan, only 16 more sleeps...YAY!! People keep asking if I think PINK or BLUE but I really don't know.

Nappy Stash and Setup

So this is our set up at the moment - I say "our" but DH doesn't change nappies so lets say my setup - it is in Nate's room but baby will be in with us (room next door) so not sure what I will do with night changes when bubs comes, probably just change on the bed.

Set Up

Newborn nappies and extra boosters - I did the swap with Fiona to get a bunch of nappies and have made 1 side snap fitted and a few of suedecloth toped 2 layer hemp boosters to put in the Whizz Kidz which are flannelet lined. I have also made some 2 and 3 layer small hemp fleece boosters. I have another 10 cotton prefolds coming and will be making some more fitteds. I am also planning on buying some Thirsties covers from Nurture Nappies - 4 packs get 10% off, unsure if I will get 4 NB or 3NB 1Sm.

L-R - prefolds and snappies, fitteds and hemp/suedecloth boosters, Totsbots, covers NB and Small.
In draw: L-R hemp trifolds, bamboo booster, IB AIO inserts, microfibre inserts, IB boosters and home made boosters

Medium/OSFM/Large Nappies - Nates nappies, there are 5 missing from this picture (3 medium MagicAlls and 2 Swaddlebee AIOs).

top L-R - covers fleece/PUL, wet bags in front, Fitteds.
bottom L-R - IB AIOs (back), PeaPod old style mediums (front), Magic All, Various Pockets, Berry Plush

The Old Style Pea Pods, IB AIOs Large and BBH are not used as they are not the right fit or are too big. Even the medium IB AIO is not fitting Nate's skinny legs at the moment.

Actually heaps of these nappies are quiet hopeless if Nate does a poo as he has such skinny legs none of the front closure pockets are giving good containment - bar the MagicAlls (not quiet absobant enough though) and the tester pocket.

I have a Rollicking Rascals AIO on the way as well - 2nd hand.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Newborn SWAP Nappies arrived

YAY, the nappies came today from Fiona WOOHOOO...must email her to let her know.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Belly Shot - 14 weeks

I just realised I put this pic on NC but forgot to put it here.

So here is my 14 week podge, lol, yep it is getting bigger everyday.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Water Consumption

We got our water bill today and although it has gone down a 'little' it is still too high for my liking.

We used 98kl this period (about 6 mths) which averages out at 510 litres per day - or 102 litres per person per day.

What can I do to reduce this????

I plan on getting a new washing machine - thinking about the aqua smart top loader but really need to do my research first. I am sure that would help.

We dont use water outside the home as a) we are on water restrictions and b) we just don't bother/are not allowed to water our plants or wash our cars.

We wash up by hand......well DH does this mainly.....and we have 2 dogs which obviously add to the water usage through baths and drinking water but not too much.

Obviously less/or shorter showers should be taken and we are working on that.

So any bright ideas??

For Baby in Belly

OK so when Fiona (Fi Kiwi) offered her newborn nappies for swap I jumped in as fast as I could and ended up with first dibs ;) I have no newborn nappies to speak of so I thought I should get started and what a great way to start. So we worked out a swap.

This is what I should be getting in the post end of this or early next week *does a little dance*.

There are:

15 infant prefolds
8 NB Whizz Kidz
3 NB side snap fitteds
4 Small Bummies SWW
3 NB Pro wraps
3 size 1 Tots Bots snappiable
1 size 1 Tots Bots Aplix
2 NB Bummies Whisper Wraps
oh and a couple of snappies

I am so excited, can you tell, lol.

I will be making some small snappiable nappies to use as well so then baby has something to grow into and I can use them with the front folded down on a smaller bub. I have to make little boosters as well.

I also got a baby rocker today (the one from our other kids has been outside for a while now, ever since it had beer spilt on it *blush*). This one was from a lady of EB - it was $15 and it vibrates and plays music. It is only suitable up to about 9.5kgs but I really only used them for the 1-5 months age anyway so it suits us perfectly. Oh and it has a little sun hood for when bub is watching me hang his/her nappies on the line and brothers and sister play.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

18mths of Breastfeeding

After reading Mel's blog entry on feeding Jet for 9mths (YAY!!!) I realised that I have been breastfeeding Nate for 18mths!!

18mths was the original time that I wanted to breastfeed him for, I can't believe that we are there already. Now that I am 3 mths pregnant I don't have much supply but he still loves a breastfeed to comfort him and relax him before bed or upon waking - its just now he asks for a drink of water first, lol.

So now with #4 on the way my thoughts turn to breastfeeding while pregnant and the possibility of tandem feeding. I breastfed Beth until I was 17 weeks pregnant with Nate - she was only 13mths when I stopped feeding her and down to 1 feed a day. The reasons I stopped were, my nipples were so sore, I felt it was time and I was getting braxton hicks which freaked me out a little . So this time I wonder what will happen I will be 15 weeks on Sunday and Nate is still feeding anywhere from 2 to 5 times a day.....I am not making any decisions as yet, just seeing how we go as there is still 6mths till this baby comes and things evolve.

So now for some pics - Our breastfeeding time together......

1 - first feed ~~~ 2- 3mths ~~~ 3- 5mths ~~~ 4- 14mths ~~~5- 18mths

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rose Ella - just beautiful

My darling sister bought these for the kids when she went away to Bonny Hills with her boyfriend, I am in love with the bright colours and will be buying a bonds suit for #4 to wear home from the hospital for sure, the one I bought as a present but then kept *blush* is a 00 so a little big for a newborn.

The pants are supposed to be a 2-3 - they are like 3/4's on DD who turned 3 yesterday and fit her skinny waist perfectly and they also fit DS#2 (18mths) as full length pants but they are a little long.

The bodysuit is a 0 so will fit baby during winter/spring but I will find a way to show it off, lol.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

HAIR - I feel pretty, oh so pretty...lol

I finally got my hair done, nothing major, just some foils and a cut, but gosh I feel great. For me life's more fun as a blonde. I just feel blah when my hair is its natural dark (poo) blonde and after going through morning sickness I really needed a pick me up. The cut is blunt as I wanted to neaten the back up and I got just a little shaping at the front.

Before: the only pic I could find the represents the colour and length.

And after, front and back: