Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Newborn All In 2's

I decided to have another go at sewing PUL the other day....I almost like sewing with the walking foot and PUL+suedecloth and quiet dislike sewing with PUL+microfleece but I got there and they turned out OK.

I haven't quiet finished yet as the brown one has no booster and the other needs to be snapped in. I think I have finally gotten the hang of elastic...well almost and am so happy with how that is going...it probably helps that I bought a bunch of 10mm elastic (but its actually 9mm???) from nappies covered and its heaps better to work with :) and I also got some great advice from the seasoned sewers on Nappycino.

My Whizz Kidz Fitteds were my inspiration :) as you can probably see from the nappies...I have a few patterns here but really liked the basic design of the WK's. The WK's I have are second hand and very well used..one frayed a bit when I washed them but they should last me for at least 6 weeks. The elastic in them isn't that tight on the legs...I wonder if thats how they are made as the elastic still stretches a fair bit or if thats just from use....

The purple one is a tad smaller then a WK fitted, it has velcro 800 closure and 8 layers of hemp in the booster...Looks really cute and like it might actaully work, lol. Oh yeah but I sewed it with the stretch going up instead of across...*doh*.

The brown one is a little bigger all around and has blue and brown snaps that are very uneven and badly placed. The microfleece shifts around so much when you sew it but I went really slow and its wasn't too bad in the end.

I will make a couple of the smaller ones with Velcro closure as I think they will be handy in the first few weeks in that they are simple to put on and I can make them fairly absorbent.

OK well thats it....I am not sure I will be updating very often over the holidays as DH is home for a few weeks but I will try...

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone :) a run down of our silly season so far.....

Christmas Eve was spent at Carols by Schooner light at the golf club were the kids had a ball running around and playing (we came home with 5 golf balls from our exploring). There was a sausage sizzle/salad dinner from which all I had was a sausage sandwich and a piece of tomato...but somehow managed to spend Christmas morning throwing up and with a sore tummy :( along with some of the others that ate there that night....The kids did not get sick from the food thank goodness but I think they were to busy playing to eat it.

We had a nice Christmas Day (other then the nausea and tummy aches).....the kids were spoiled with wonderful gifts and we all had a nice time with family. Nate managed to sleep 5 hours (2pm till 7pm) and then went back to bed at 10pm.....seemed a little ominous as normally he would be running around.

Boxing day has been a lazy day...Nate woke at 6:30am with a fever and has been a very cranky boy most of the day, he has once again gone and climbed into bed with his daddy for another sleep. I think its is probably from chewing on the bloody golf ball we collected. The other 2 are watching TV and lazying around which is nice.

I got a few small things as gifts...a book, a top and a beach towel....Scott and the kids didn't get me anything as I want a new camera (as ours is dying slowly) and the sales will be on during the next month or so so we can get it cheaper.

Now for a pic of my cherubs on Christmas morning....Nate was the last to rise so the others were showered and dressed, waiting to open their presents, lol....

Just wanted to chuck in a picture of my little man sleeping in our bed....I would love to go take one right now as DH and Nate are both sleeping and are holding hands..awwwww...but I don't want to disturb them.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Hi Mel...*waves*

A post just for you because I have been so slack and I think you are the only one who reads my blog, pmsl.....thanks for the awards and when I get a little while and I have the patience to wait for your blog to load I will have a proper look....*blush*....I hope all is going well and that Jets real birthday is fabulous :).

We should definatley catch up next month after the silly season is over.....

xoxo Hayley.

Poochies Nappies - Size Small

I made 3 small Poochies fitted nappies yesterday *shock*.

The first one I made was a Lightning McQueen one...I didn't add the the seam allowance so the frills are smaller and I didn't do hidden snaps... I did hidden on the other 2.

Outer: Lightning McQueen print
Hidden: hemp fleece
Inner: Hemp Fleece
Snap in booster of 4 layers of hemp and 1 of print
I made this one as all natural materials to see how it goes.

The second was the Celestial print.....I really like the colours in this one.

Outer: Celestial Print
Hidden: Hemp Fleece and attached soaker of 2 layers hemp fleece
Inner: Lavender suede cloth
Snap in of 3 layers of hemp fleece topped with suedecloth

Third was the doggie paw one...cute and colourful.

Outer: Paw Print
Hidden: Hemp Fleece and attached soaker of 3 layers hemp fleece
Inner: Teal suede cloth
Snap in of 4 layers of hemp fleece topped with suedecloth

The picture also has the 2 newborn ones that I made a while ago to show the difference in size. I plan on making some more small and medium fitteds but am thinking of doing velcro800 as I think that will be easier for the night changes...we will see as I love the look of these ones.

26 week Belly

I went to the Dr last week and they listened to bubs heart...all sounded normal for the minute that they listened so now I will continue on as normal and if ectopic beats are detected again bub will have an ECG after he is born (just like Beth did). The Dr actually measured me at 25cms for almost 26 weeks where the middie 2 weeks before measured me at 3-4 weeks behind *shrugs*. My placenta was 1cm from my cervix at 19 weeks so I will have another scan at 32-34weeks to check if it has moved up and I am sure it will of. The Dr last week told me no BDing or heavy lifting....but well its a bit late for that as we have been and I have kids that need picking up....

Pregnancy complaints......lol.......most are minor.....sciatica, swollen bits *ouch*, heart burn, dizziness occasionally, painful braxton hicks and tiredness.

Pregnancy joys....:).....the kids kissing my bump and saying good night to their baby brother, all the wiggles and movement I am getting are just so wonderful even 4th time round and even now that they are getting to my ribs, the utter amazing fact that I am growing another little person.

Only 3 months to go now and wow that seems so soon....I really don't have that much to do in preparation, I am making some small nappies and our main job is buying a car and hiring a capsule for the first 6 mths.