Sunday, April 29, 2007

Getting settled

I am slowly getting the hang of the blog - added a few pictures of the family and finding a style that suits me, I think simple is the way to go.

I guess I should put the addy out there so people can look...hehe...I don't know if I'm ready yet. I want to take a few photos of my stash over the next few weeks and type up a to do list - I have so many projects I want to do.

For the moment I have used up my quiet time up loading pics (while bub has been sleeping and the kids are at preschool) so must go get some lunch for the hungry boy and clean up a bit...sigh.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Where did this all begin??

What started my love affair with all things fluffy.............

After using cloth (terry flats and fluffies/pvc) intermittently when my first son was born and then again when my daughter was born I was all prepared to go the mainly disposable route again when bonus baby arrived. That was until I bought reusable breast pads - hmmmm...if I can wash my breast pads then surely I can save all this waste and wash nappies as well.....but with 2 in nappies full time I started with clothing bonus baby.

I started with using terry flats which although easy enough was no good in terms of containment for my bubs explosive breastfed poos. I tried many folds with the fabulous advice of the OCN ladies and although better I was still having blow outs all the time. I used a mix of cloth and disposables but I had SO many blow outs with disposables I really wanted to find a better alternative.

I purchased some Baby Beehinds PUL covers, some second hand home made fleece covers and started to investigate MCN a little more.

After investigating I bought some Green Kids pockets. One anytime and One Funtime. I found them great - they fit well, contained most messes and looked great. DS was 5 months old at the time. These 2 nappies are still on rotation 8 months later with heavy use - although the Funtime now has holes in the material the PUL is still all in one piece and it is effective.

A few nappies and woolies have followed - and I will tell you all about them :) - the loves and hates (love affairs have ups and downs right??) of my stash to date.

Monday, April 9, 2007

So now I'm a blogger ???

So this is me opening up my life and obsessions with those who will read....tbc.....