Saturday, December 20, 2008


My sister has chickens and the other day she came over with 4 little chicks that she had been given as replacements (or really as a sorry gift) because she was sold the wrong breed last time.

Nate is quiet a curious little man and he was quiet happy to hold a chick. He has seen and patted Amber's cooks at her place and is always so excited when he sees Amber and talks about her chickens :).

At 2y9m he was not quiet able to hold the wings down (or grasp why he needed too) so Amber helped him....was so lovely and you can almost feel him learning and growing as he does these things.

It is so hard to believe that he will be 3 in March (and Ari will be 1!!).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School Presentation Night

Liam got a 2 awards at his school presentation night last night......he didn't want to go up on stage so missed out on getting his special library award but I convinced him to go up for his Merit Certificate.


Certificate of Merit

Liam Robbo


Outstanding effort and application in all areas


So proud...his first year of school has been great for him and along with completing the Premiers reading challenge, he was a member of the Student Representative Council and has done really well with his studies.

We just need to work on his attitude at home and his shyness.....why are all my kids (except Nate) so shy *shrugs*.

I am looking forward to having him home for the holidays :)

Breastfeeding - 9mths

Very proud to say I have been demand feeding Ari for 9 months...which makes my total breastfeeding time to date 4 years and 3 mths.

It is hard at the moment as he just feeds all the time at night, wants boob in his mouth or no sleep. I want to change things but he just cries if I don't feed him and I really hate to hear him cry. I have started to try and feed him more often during the day in a hope that he will get his fill....he doesn't really like food so maybe once he starts to eat he will cut back on boob at night.

Despite all this I am so happy to be feeding - so sad for all the people out there that don't breastfeed their babies (or only do so for a short time). It is the best cuddle time ever, and so empowering to know that I am growing my baby and giving him the BEST start ever.


Gardening - We Can Do It!!

Well...I hope we can....

We have started with Parsley

Lemon Basil

and Tomatoes

Ari has already tried to rip out the basil and Nate keeps digging them "a bit"...sigh....hopefully we manage to at least keep one or two alive. Our plan is to start small and slowly grow as we become more adept.

The Places They Sleep

Nate was awfully quiet the other evening - and after a big few days I was wondering if he had taken himself to was about 5pm and I think it had been about 20 minutes since he had come out of the toy room to ask for something.....he and Bethany were watching Barbie...

Hehehehe....not laughing at the mess they had made *cranky face*, but oh so cute, he had made a little space on the floor and used a Carebear as a pillow.

How can you hold a grudge when they are just so cute.


Jet's Ring Sling

Mel's (RockMel - NC) little man Jet turned 2 and on the weekend we went to his birthday party...I still remember when I first met them and he was a tiny tiny baby...awwwww.

So anyway - I made him a ring sling for carrying his teddy etc around in, with a new baby brother or sister on the way he might want to be just like mum.

So here is a photo of the sling, and my only willing model, Ari.

I really hope he likes it Mel.


Friday, December 5, 2008

My Nose

I have a big nose - its just a fact, and although I am not happy about it, I have accepted that it's just the way it is, so why not embrace it and get what I have always wanted to nose pierced!!!

I really like it - its a bit sore today (was done Thursday morning) but hopefully it heals well and quickly. It has a tiny crystal stud thing in it at the moment but I had it put low enough that I can put a sleeper if I want to.

It hurt, but not that much....or was it that it didn't hurt for very made my eyes water anyway, but compared to the fresh (yep still fresh after 8mths) memory of pushing Ari's 9lb out my VJJ it was nothing, hehe.


He's not perfect but he looks like him right??

Hopefully Nate thinks so as this is one of his Christmas presents, lol, it is a pillow Igglepiggle..perfect for snuggling. It cost me all of $4 to make and about 2 hours, I used less then a metre of fleece and recycled pillow stuffing from some unused pillows (that were sitting in the cupboard for the last 6mths) plus some scraps from my "keep it cause I might need it" bag, lol.

Nate is also getting 2 "In The Night Garden" T-Shirts and books. The T-shirts come with a small red blanket each but I am also thinking of getting a square of red polar fleece and blanket stitching around it so he can take Igglepiggle pillow and blanket when we go somewhere to stay.

Anyway - I am happy I am done and can now move on to my next project :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Very Versatile Biscuits


Simple to make and yum to eat.

5 cups SR Flour.
1 cup Sugar
1 tin Condensed Milk
500g Butter

Ari James - 8 mths old!!

Current Stats:

Age: 8mths
Weight: 9.2kgs (bare)....about 9.5kg dressed
Length: 72cms

He has 6 teeth, is still breastfed on demand, eats minimal amounts of solids (he tastes but doesn't swallow much) - no purees in this house just family solids.

And his new trick.....

He is like his brother and likes In the night garden :).

Do you like his nappy? I made it last night from the Very Baby fitted pattern, it's a medium AI2 (a shell with a trifold layed inside). I think I did the leg elastic too tight as it on the last snap and quiet firm on the thighs but fine on the waist (2nd snaps). I will make a medium long next..

And another pic - to show a baby can still cradle carry in the crosses of a Front Cross Carry at 8mths old :) He slept soundly for about an hour.....oh and thats Orion, a Bali Breeze wrap.

XOXO Hayley.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shift of Focus - Jaded on cloth - New addiction

I guess those of you who read regularly might of noticed a shift of focus on my blog - away from nappies and more towards carriers and random things.

Jaded on Cloth

I have been a bit jaded about cloth lately - I lost about half (maybe more) of my Bubblebubs AND most of my IB Delish inserts AND a WW night nappy AND inserts AND maybe a couple of other fitteds during, what I have put down to, a toxic wee teething saga.

It makes me super sad and a bit angry (not at the nappy makers but at myself and the circumstance) - the thing is cotton is fine its only the bamboo that has disintegrated. My Bubblebubs for instance have flannel and velor inners and they are fine but all the bamboo inside is falling apart and if you hold it up to the sun you can see big holes, iykwim.

It is most probably due to me leaving the nappies for up to 3 days (ie, washing on the third evening) between washes sometimes - I have done this before without drama but I guess combined with teething (on an exclusively breastfed bub!!!!) things just went to the shit:(.

Don't know what I will do if we need to go up to larges - I cant sell these nappies anymore....*sigh*...and we are not buying anymore nappies, I have heaps pf PUL here so Id best get sewing I guess.

New Addiction

Well that pretty obvious isn't it?.......Baby carriers, I am having fun sewing things and buying things, lol, that help me day to day to get on with life (with 4 kids including a non sleeping bub).

I have loaned out carriers, and am trying to spread the baby wearing get people to step away from the pram culture that seems to be taking over and stopping people from picking up their babies.

I hate to see a baby left in a pram self feeding a bottle when they should be held and snuggled while they have a breastfed (or bottle if thats necessary) sick of hearing people say babies will get spoiled, put them down, doesn't hurt them to cry, they are manipulating sad to think people believe a young baby whose life depends on physical contact and comfort is being manipulating when they want to fill that need.

Anyway - I shouldn't rant *blush* but better here then to some people irl *wink*


DIY Carrier - Podegai - Black Drill

I made this a week or 2 ago now - a simple black drill podegai using this tutorial...

Wrap Pod

I haven't really used it that much yet but when I have it has been comfortable. I think a different material (with some diagonal give) would be more comfortable on the shoulders.

and an action pic....the wrap straps could of been more spread out under his bum but it was fine like that.

DIY Carrier - Pink Dragonflys

Thanks to NC and BCD members making pretty carriers lately, I was inspired to have another go at making a Mei Tai. - I used the following tutorial....

DIY Conversion Hood to Headrest Mei Tai

I started making it Sunday afternoon, cut out most of the pieces etc, then when the kids went to sleep I got in and finished about 12:30 this (Monday) morning *Yawn*

I used it this morning for the school drop off and it was comfy :) I made is the right size for Ari to have arms in or out comfortably. The hood is a bit tall for my liking but I will have to have a play with it and see how it goes. Ari has been refusing to go to sleep lately and even baby wearing isn't making a huge difference, he has to have boob.

I think this is going to go live with a friend of mine - it needs a bath now Ari upchucked all over the strap *bleh*.....I really do love the colours...and am tempted to keep it. *blush*

Anyway - some more pics...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Anna Storchenwiege (storch) Wrap

Ari enjoying a long sleep in a back wrap cross carry in the gorgeous Anna.

Isn't she just the loveliest colours?

Makes me wish it was winter again so could wear her all the time. I will be taking every opportunity to wear her before the weather gets too warm.

I will hopefully have a summer gauze wrap soon ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Pics

My little Tiger....

My smiley boy...



Hello my name is Hayley and I have a carrier addiction ;) I know some of you out there understand.

I bought an Ergo, Camel on Camel, I made some sucker pads to stop Ari wreaking the straps with his eternal sucking.

Heres Ari having a ride with Dad - he is a bit unsure and always has his head hanging back to look around, I think he prefers to be higher to see over my shoulder.

And a very dodgy photo (lens was dirty) of Nate and I..Nate is why I bought the ergo and I really like the up/down ease of it. I just don't like my hang over mumma belly *cry*.

World Teachers Day - Friday 31st October

Friday October 31st is World Teachers Day........YAY for fabulous teachers. Teaching involves lots of hard work and not enough pay.

My sister has just finished her degree and is now teaching high school students, MIL is an early childhood teacher and also a qualified primary teacher, Scott's aunt is a primary teacher and his uncle has just retired from high school arts teaching...they work (have worked) very hard and it is sad that teachers are so under valued in our society. So thank you from me to all the wonderful teachers.

Liam has a lovely teacher for his first year at school, Ms Cannan, and tomorrow Liam is taking some cakes to celebrate!

It gave me a chance to try out my $10 cupcake stand from coles, lol.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Comet Tails Cresent Moon Yoga Pant - With Crescent

I made some Florties, Flpries and Flongies (pmsl) last night.Using this pattern with crescent.

I used the size Medium for Ari and it is a little big but will surely fit him for a long time. I couldnt convince Nate to try them on but they would fit him I reckon (he no longer wears nappies though).

Side view



Made with MM Fleece, 300wt (navy) for the body and 200wt (baby blue or green) for the waists.

Heres Ari modeling the Flongies with the help of big brother Liam.

I will make him another pair of short florties for summer, maybe in the 200wt for daytime.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boho Mama Bag

Tutorial Is Here

Using an old sheet (for fear of stuffing up my other fabric) and 2 SS rings bought from the local BCF (Boating, Camping and Fishing) store I made this bag tonight.

The tute is detailed and it was quiet easy to follow. I did do mine a little differently in that I did not overlock and fold the entire opening but rather sewed the lining and outer right sides together and then turned them (out the strap hole) and top stitched...continuing along the strap. I hope that makes sense, lol. I found that really easy to do.

The tail is long enough that I will be adding a pocket to it, I have just run out of time tonight. Will probably use snaps to close as I don't do zippers yet ;).

I bought 40mm rings - too small! I got it to work but if making it again I would want at least 60mm.

Thanks Mel for the great tute.

PS. there is no measurement for the strap width - made them 12.5cm on the fold.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I tried to sew an Onbag earlier this week (will come back with the link) - it is not exactly true to the pattern but it seems to work OK.

My sewing machine has a rolled hem foot but I cant for the life of me use it properly. So things were stitched and turned instead - the final piecing together has seams on the inside which aren't pretty but should hold it all together, lol. The corners are shocking.

I am honestly not sure I love it. I tried it with a Mei Tai and just felt as though I had heaps on straps all over me. Maybe with a wrap it wouldn't seem so much.

It is nice and big. In the photo collage I have a shot with it half full - 3 AIO nappies, 2 terry flats, 2 changes of clothes and a water bottle with plenty of room to spare.

It was fairly cheap to make - I used 3 metres of cotton drill that was maybe $10-12 on special and a dress that was damaged (and that made me look twice my size) as the accent. It took a while to sew, if I could figure out the rolled hem it would of been easier. I also could of done with 3.5 metres of material to save me adding bits on the ends of the straps (very messily, I have to unpick and redo I think). I also will be adding some snap closures to the pockets when I get around to it.

Thanks for reading.

Possum Pouches - Knitted and KK AIO

I can hardly resist a chance to buy a nappy or knits from PP. I love our KK fitteds for night time and our PP knits get a good workout , so cute and a great price. So far our PP stash includes 3 longies, 3 shorties and a soaker.

When I saw a pair of shorties and a KK on special for $25 a pop I rushed in to snaffle them but sadly they were already sold.

Luckily for me Robyn offered me another pair of shorties and an AIO. So wonderful!!!

So here is my littlest man in his new shorties and Windpro KK AIO.

Thank you Robyn! Hopefully in the next week (or maybe the one after) you will receive a little parcel in the mail from me (with help from Sarah from Sunshine and Lollipops) - as a thank you.

XOXO Hayley.

Gastro and Mastitis

Does the title just say it all??

Liam came down with gastro, Nate came down with gastro, I came down with mastitis......what does this all mean??? no sleep for me!!!

On the up side I have manged to get through the mastitis so far without antibiotics, I feel tired an sore but not as bad as I did.

The kids seem to be getting better and...touch wood...Beth hasn't had it yet.

I should really be in bed right now but I just wanted to blog a few things I have had sitting here as drafts this week.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Torso Carry - Selendang

My in laws just returned from Bali - I sent MIL the request for 2 sarongs or selendangs for baby wearing.

She returned with 2 cotton and one silk(??) I gave the cottons a whirl as simple knotted hip carriers (slings) and they were great but what I really wanted to try was a torso carry. So here we are.

And heres the result of 5 minutes of carrying...

I didn't quiet get it right, it started slipping in that 5 minutes but I will keep trying. I really want to make a podegai to try as well as torso carries are super as they take the weight off your shoulders and leave your arms free.

Little Comet Tails Crescent Moon Yoga Pants Pattern.

I bought this from the NC trading room.

I had a play and made Beth a pair of pajama pants using the extra large size (with no crescent) which fit her perfectly.

So easy to sew - and so quick!!

I used a very light weight cotton and a baby stretch terry, both of which were given to me so the pants cost me nothing but the pattern ($10) and my time, cant complain about that. This pattern is going to get a work out making Ari some fleece shorts and pull up covers for summer so will be well worth my money.

My Nan and Pops Garden

I recently took the kids and DH to visit my grandparents. Pop started his next round of chemo so wasn't feeling the best but we got to spend a little time with him and introduced him to our youngest, Ari.

Sad as it is to see him so sick and nan obviously so worried, I always get pleasure from their garden....probably sounds weird but it is just so them.

It was a quick visit that also involved a visit to my sisters new place in Abermaine (near Kurri Kurri and Cessnock). It is what you could politly call a shack, what my mum calls a dump and what the bank lenders called derelict. I took no photos of it as I just didn't think too but gosh there is a lot of work to do. I hope they can get it done and get moved into their own place.