Thursday, April 26, 2007

Where did this all begin??

What started my love affair with all things fluffy.............

After using cloth (terry flats and fluffies/pvc) intermittently when my first son was born and then again when my daughter was born I was all prepared to go the mainly disposable route again when bonus baby arrived. That was until I bought reusable breast pads - hmmmm...if I can wash my breast pads then surely I can save all this waste and wash nappies as well.....but with 2 in nappies full time I started with clothing bonus baby.

I started with using terry flats which although easy enough was no good in terms of containment for my bubs explosive breastfed poos. I tried many folds with the fabulous advice of the OCN ladies and although better I was still having blow outs all the time. I used a mix of cloth and disposables but I had SO many blow outs with disposables I really wanted to find a better alternative.

I purchased some Baby Beehinds PUL covers, some second hand home made fleece covers and started to investigate MCN a little more.

After investigating I bought some Green Kids pockets. One anytime and One Funtime. I found them great - they fit well, contained most messes and looked great. DS was 5 months old at the time. These 2 nappies are still on rotation 8 months later with heavy use - although the Funtime now has holes in the material the PUL is still all in one piece and it is effective.

A few nappies and woolies have followed - and I will tell you all about them :) - the loves and hates (love affairs have ups and downs right??) of my stash to date.

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