Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sydney PBC Expo - How much fun is it!!!!

So as you may know I have 3 beautiful children but I have NEVER been to the expo before - never before was there such an incentive as NAPPIES!!!!! Well for me anyway.

So after braving the drive into Sydney in my beat up car Nate and I arrived at the Expo at around 12:30pm to look and feel nappies. I had a ball looking and saw heaps of nappies that I hadn't seen before.

I did make a few purchases:

From Darlings Down Under I bought a Berry Plush for $35 eeek - it fits Nate so well and I am really glad I bought it.

From Cute Tooshies I bought a Bamboo Delight for $22 - haven't tried this yet its in the wash but its side snap and I think it will fit Nate well.

Also from Huggalugs I bought 3 pair of warmers for $25 - one for each of the kids.

Here is Nate in his Berry Plush and Huggalugs............. I think the BP is Everglade a dark green that I really like.....

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