Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Hair Cut for the Kids

Liam has been wanting a hair cut and rather then have DH just shave it off to one length I thought I would take them all to the hair dressers...crazy me...

So heres Liam....he was a champ, sat still, chatted nicely

Nate has only had one hair cut when he was maybe 12mths, I loved his long hair but I think it was time to cut some off and let him be a boy (rather then being called "she" all the time)...he was a challenge but we got there...

Beth cried, tried to run away, she refused to have a hair cut....UNTIL...she saw her brothers get a treat after theirs LOL. So she stood (would not sit) and held my hand and we got about 5cms taken before pic but it looks much neater now.

1 comment:

Mel : ) said...

OMG - look at Nate's hair!!! wheres your baby gone? he looks so grown up!!!

& Liam looks very cute, bet all the girls in his class are after him, you'll have to get one of those t-shirts that says "lock up your daughters"