Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vegie Garden - All Mulched

Looking pretty good if I do say so myself, I just have to keep it all alive.

We have eaten 3 cherry tomatoes so far and there are a few more ripening up now. And we used some of the basil in home made pizzas, yummo.

I am (DH is) going to screw the trellis to the fence (with a block behind it so there is a gap) behind the tomatoes so I can tie them off or poke them through if I need to.

Its great fun and I am attempting to grow some shallots and carrots in the little seedling trays to put in the dirt patches you can see.

Wish me luck, lol :)

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Mel : ) said...

just remembered that there was a forum i liked a while back that had to do with gardening & stuff:

just in case your interested!

mel :D