Friday, January 18, 2008

Home Made Small Honeyboy! Fitteds

Front...Back...Inner & booster

I made these nappies almost 2 weeks ago before we went away on our camping holiday..(I will tell more about that later)..I thought I would give the Honeyboy! another go and I am very happy with how they turned out.

These fitted Nappies have:

Outer: Cotton print
Inner: Suedecloth
Hidden Layer: Hemp fleece
Hidden booster: 3 layers hemp fleece
Lay in Booster: Suedecloth, 4 layers hemp fleece & Cotton Print

So all in all they have 8 layers of hemp and 2 layers of cotton for absorbency which should be fine although I imagine they will take a little longer to dry in winter then I would like.

The pattern says they fit from 8lbs which is about 3.6kgs. N fits into them, lol, although they are a tad short in the rise . Because I have used suedecloth as the inner the front can be folded down and the velcro attached to the inner reducing the rise buy about an inch. I haven't done laundry tabs as the velcro attaches to the suedecloth but I may have to yet..I will wait and see how they go when I wash them.

They look as though they will give good bum coverage and the Velcro closure means they will be easy to put on...which is a plus with my DH.

I think thats it....I am going to make a couple of NB ones I think as the first NB one I attempted a while ago is not very good. I am thinking of trying a PUL AIO/2 but I am not sure how to go about rolling the legs....I assume that I just leave it flat if I have no full body layers of absorbent material but then do I top stitch??? maybe I will stick to fitteds, LOL.

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Mel : ) said...

they look fab, your bub is going to have one cute butt! pm me your email address & ill scan those missing pattern pages for you (if i can still find the pattern - lol!)