Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Newborn All In 2's

I decided to have another go at sewing PUL the other day....I almost like sewing with the walking foot and PUL+suedecloth and quiet dislike sewing with PUL+microfleece but I got there and they turned out OK.

I haven't quiet finished yet as the brown one has no booster and the other needs to be snapped in. I think I have finally gotten the hang of elastic...well almost and am so happy with how that is going...it probably helps that I bought a bunch of 10mm elastic (but its actually 9mm???) from nappies covered and its heaps better to work with :) and I also got some great advice from the seasoned sewers on Nappycino.

My Whizz Kidz Fitteds were my inspiration :) as you can probably see from the nappies...I have a few patterns here but really liked the basic design of the WK's. The WK's I have are second hand and very well used..one frayed a bit when I washed them but they should last me for at least 6 weeks. The elastic in them isn't that tight on the legs...I wonder if thats how they are made as the elastic still stretches a fair bit or if thats just from use....

The purple one is a tad smaller then a WK fitted, it has velcro 800 closure and 8 layers of hemp in the booster...Looks really cute and like it might actaully work, lol. Oh yeah but I sewed it with the stretch going up instead of across...*doh*.

The brown one is a little bigger all around and has blue and brown snaps that are very uneven and badly placed. The microfleece shifts around so much when you sew it but I went really slow and its wasn't too bad in the end.

I will make a couple of the smaller ones with Velcro closure as I think they will be handy in the first few weeks in that they are simple to put on and I can make them fairly absorbent.

OK well thats it....I am not sure I will be updating very often over the holidays as DH is home for a few weeks but I will try...

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