Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Possum Pouches - Ocean Creatures Action Pics



Mel : ) said...

wow they are very cute!!! i havent even started on the ones im going to knit nate yet...been very slack :(

i started knitting a vest for me just before i met up with you & its taking me forever, ive only just reached the top section of the back!!!

do you still want me to use the same colours as jets pants cause i think they are fairly similar to these ones, although im not tricky enough to do different coloured tops & bottom bits :D

i promise ill get round to them soon!

Hayley said...

I couldnt resist the nappy, wet bag, post and longies for $55....that and Robyn from PP is just lovely!

LOL, you did mention the vest....a bit slow going I gather, I am sure it will look great though!! *Just keep knitting, Just keep knitting* I have an image of Dory (Finding Nemo)lol.

Thats fine and you are not slack!
NO pressure to knit us something, but if you do get around to it maybe you could knit some for Ari instead (would take less time ;) or just use whatever colour you want and do some for Nate. And if you do I will have to repay you!

Oh and Snaps has Bamboo back in stock so lmk if you want to get some :)