Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Present for Ari - Thanks Mel

Mel gave Ari this handmade gift today :) So cute and thoughtful.

Nate held baby teddy on the way home in the car, he gave him a breastfeed and, oops, he did a "sicky" while getting burped, lol. Even the big kids wanted a cuddle with him when they got home.

Thanks Mel, your knitting is great!

I have also used the other pressie you gave us, on a Rump-a-rooz OSFM nappy from Nurture Nappies. We have had a slight hiccup as the wrong nappy was sent to us (was on my doorstep when I got home) but hopefully that will be fixed up really soon and it will be on the boys butts for a test drive.

Look forward to catching up again soon XOXOX


Mel : ) said...

ohhhh thanks hayley xxx

they are such cute pics, you have the most beautiful little boys, so sweet!!! i might have to nick those pics & post them on my blog (you know...if i ever get around to doing another post).

i had a great time catching up & cant wait to do it again!!! :D

Hayley said...

LOL Mel nick away :)