Monday, September 15, 2008

Ari is 6 months young

Can you believe it?....6 months have flown by already! It makes me happy and sad.....such a bitter sweet thing to see your last baby grow up. Adding to that Bethany turns 4 tomorrow!!.

Ari has the biggest smile....and you cant help but smile back at him. I still remember so clearly the first smile he gave me at a week old.....opening my eyes, saying good morning and this little face staring at me from our bed lighting up with happiness with his smile.

He rolls all the time now and likes to sit up between our legs to look at the world. He shuffles backwards and around in circles and sometimes he manages to shuffle forwards a little. He is still exclusively breastfed although I guess the time has come for us to think about solids.

His favorite noise at the moment is "Bababababababa" said at full volume, lol. I have a feeling my house will never be quiet again.

I made Ari a little celebratory outfit yesterday, he is wearing it in the above photo. A maiden mills fleece pull up cover and a matching black tie bib :).

He started cutting his first 2 teeth on the weekend which is making him a little cranky (adding to the chest infection that has come back).....thank goodness for baby carriers. Not only does it keep him happier but I get cuddles at the same time.

Now he rarely sleeps and he is a total mummy's boy......but he is my boy and just perfect in his own way.

So happy half birthday to my little man....looking forward to whatever may come next..


Mel : ) said...

ohhhhhh, he's such a little sweet heart!!! i cant believe he's 6 months already!

love the pic of both of you, you look fab hayley!

Ruth said...

Wow, he really does have an infectious smile! What a lovely, happy baby!! So cute...

Ruth xx