Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spring is here and Fathers Day 2008

Its spring, the sun is shining, birds are singing and all that ;)

Fathers Day has come and gone yet again. We went out to lunch with DHs family to the local golf club, we sat and ate a nice meal overlooking the lovely Shelly Beach. It was a nice day.

Heres a shot of dad and kids....

And here is a photo I took today....my littlest blue eyed boy and I....

and ......I airbrushed my dark circles and bags from my eyes *runs and hides*. LOL.

My Mission/Plan/Hopes

I am on a mission to loose some weight, 10kgs actually, so I have started walking a bit more and trying to stop eating chocolate. I don't want t o compromise breastfeeding so will be doing it slowly.

Pretty soon I will be going off line for a couple of weeks to get some stuff done around the place. It really is a mess and just so disorganized....not sure how I will cope, lol.

We will hopefully be moving in a few months, not permanently but just for a few months while we do some work on our place. I am not sure exactly as things are so up and down here. But if I can clean out the house then it will be easier when the time comes to move.

Anyway...gotta run



Bec said...

nice pics Hayley! :)

I have to say I am shocked you want to lose weight?!!! I was only thinking to myself today if Hayley looks that good after 4 kids why can't I after 3? Honestly, in the pics I've seen you look fab!

good luck with the cleaning, I know how you feel ;)


Hayley said...

Thanks Bec.

I am about 70kgs and 5'6" and I really want to get back to 60kgs....I feel OK about myself but not great, yk?. Thanks though, you are such a sweetheart :).

No cleaning done yet, off to do some of that now.

Ruth said...

Beautiful Father's Day photos Hayley!

Ruth xx

MissyMoo84 said...

Good luck on your weight loss. Personally I don't think you need to loose weight but then I am not you ;) (I am more close to 2 of you haha)
Nothing wrong with a bit of airbrushing. I would do it if I knew how haha