Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Breastfeeding - 9mths

Very proud to say I have been demand feeding Ari for 9 months...which makes my total breastfeeding time to date 4 years and 3 mths.

It is hard at the moment as he just feeds all the time at night, wants boob in his mouth or no sleep. I want to change things but he just cries if I don't feed him and I really hate to hear him cry. I have started to try and feed him more often during the day in a hope that he will get his fill....he doesn't really like food so maybe once he starts to eat he will cut back on boob at night.

Despite all this I am so happy to be feeding - so sad for all the people out there that don't breastfeed their babies (or only do so for a short time). It is the best cuddle time ever, and so empowering to know that I am growing my baby and giving him the BEST start ever.



Tracy said...

Congratulations Hayley! I'm still breastfeeding Michael at 12 months. I've fed all 6 of mine. Shortest was 12 months. I was pregnant with the next :) and the longest was 18 months.
All of mine self weaned, to my displeasure.

Hayley said...

Thanks Tracy :)

Congratulations to you for feeding Michael for 12mths so far :)...I think its fabulous that you have fed all of your kids!!

So far I have fed:
Liam - 7.5mths I was suffering badly from depression and sadly I had no milk when he stopped, the poor thing was starving.
Beth - 13.5mths - was 4mths pregnant.
Nate - 21mths - was 6mths pregnant and he told me it was yuck *rolleyes*.
Ari - I hope to feed for a long time and I have no intentions of getting pregnant again as I am stretched as it is with the 4 (don't know how you do it with 6) so I am hoping for 2-3 years this time (if he is willing).


Bec said...

Congratulations Hayley :) I had planned to wean at 12 months but now it's so close.....waaaaaaa!!!! I don't think I can!! Jake is also a booby sleeper, still feeds at night most nights, likes to stir....find the booby, suck for a little and go back to sleep. I also just cannot find it in my heart or the energy to fight him over something like that. While he's happy i am too :)

missymoo84 said...

I was one of those people Hayley, I only fed Jaidan and Chase for VERY short time. Neither past 3 months.
Ashton I am happy to say is still happily feeding and I feel no need to stop :) I am hoping to go until he is 2 :)
Well done on your milestone! It is such a precious time, feeding while enjoying the closeness, the look in their eyes, them staring at you while you talk gently and pat their hair. I love it when I am talking to Ash and he stops sucking for a moment and grins, boob in mouth, milk running down his chin... priceless!