Friday, December 5, 2008


He's not perfect but he looks like him right??

Hopefully Nate thinks so as this is one of his Christmas presents, lol, it is a pillow Igglepiggle..perfect for snuggling. It cost me all of $4 to make and about 2 hours, I used less then a metre of fleece and recycled pillow stuffing from some unused pillows (that were sitting in the cupboard for the last 6mths) plus some scraps from my "keep it cause I might need it" bag, lol.

Nate is also getting 2 "In The Night Garden" T-Shirts and books. The T-shirts come with a small red blanket each but I am also thinking of getting a square of red polar fleece and blanket stitching around it so he can take Igglepiggle pillow and blanket when we go somewhere to stay.

Anyway - I am happy I am done and can now move on to my next project :)


missymoo84 said...

wow! Well done :) Yes looks like him!

Mel : ) said...

yep, definetly looks like him. thats fantastic. you are so creative! you should stick a bit of velcro on his hand & the fleece blanket so iggle piggle can carry it too! :D