Sunday, February 22, 2009

How Our Garden Grows - February 2009

Or maybe that should be, how our tomatoes grow, lol. Our tomato plants in the garden are going great, (except for the ants that keep eating them)! Scott commented this afternoon that we should of made a bigger garden!! He doesn't know what he's gotten himself into, lol.

The basil is also growing profusely, its great on pizza and pasta and our little capsicum plant has flowered once leaving us a tiny little capsicum and another flower is ready to open.

I really enjoy spending time outside pottering about and I do agree with Scott, we definatley need a bigger garden.


Bec said...

Wow!! It certainly has blossomed!! We've started out about your size in our yard this year....and I think once it starts producing we are going to run out of room!! And you thought you couldn't keep it alive.... ;)

Tracy said...

Looks wonderfyl hayley. Now the bug has bitten you'll always NEED a garden :)

Hayley said...

Thanks :)

The tomatoes have self seeded so we have a couple of extra seedlings here now.

It is fun - I look forward to hopefully planting some peas or beans in the cooler weather.