Sunday, February 22, 2009

Portabellopixie Dress "Claire"

I made this dress today from the Portabellopixie pattern "Claire".

The pattern goes from 6m to 8 years and the pattern piece took up most of my lounge room floor, lol, I made size 5 for time I will make size 6.

I love the old school style and the overall girlyness of the dress - to me it looks like a little girls party dress...not like some of the ones you see in shops that seem to be something an older girl/woman would wear, iykwim.

Beth put it on and we went outside to take the photos.....and she follows her brothers and climbs a a party dress, lol.


Bec said...

Hayley I love this dress! And you are right, it's a gorgeous old school party dress, for LITTLE GIRLS, lol. Great job as always ;)

Tan said...

Oh this dress is just gorgeous! Do you know if they have a supplier in Australia!? I'd love to get some of her patterns!!

Tracy said...

That is stunning Hayley well done.
Crafty mams sells the patterns here in OZ.

Mel : ) said...

oh Hayley that dress is just beautiful!!!