Tuesday, February 5, 2008

34 weeks 3 days

Can you believe that I am here already!!! The count down is really on now...5 weeks 4 days till my EDD...I have never gone over so it will be interesting to see when this one decides to arrive. So far they have arrived at 38+2, 39+6 and 38+6....any guesses? DH seems to think 39 weeks this time...me...well I just know that he has to come out my VJJ and it is scaring me a bit, lol.

I had an ultrasound yesterday...it was very quick and I didn't get any pictures I'm afraid...but we have established that the placenta has stretched up and is now out of the way YAY! and that bubs has moved back into the head down position, in fact he was so head down they couldnt see all of it and couldnt see my cervix/birth canal. They guesstimated his weight at 6lbs (by measuring his head/tummy and leg bones)....based on my others this seems a little high but it is just a guess after all. I think the weight is because his head and tummy were measuring 36 weeks.

Here is a shot of my belly today.

On the weekend we picked up our new (second hand) car! I am very happy and so much more comfortable putting the kids in it. DH put in some marine carpet to protect the back from the kids and once I get the anchor bolt put in the boot B will move to the back next to L and bub and N will go in the 2nd row. Heres a shot of the interior.

Babies nappies have been washed again and are ready to go.....I am planing on making some more..hopefully I can cut out this week and sew next.

NB Nappies ...... Small Nappies ..... OSFM

NB Covers .... Small Covers .... Bubs NB Shorties and a body suit I couldnt resist :)

.... our BHB wrap and pouch which will compliment our 2 BHB ring slings ....

Wow what a long post, lol, thanks for reading...



Tracy said...

Wow you look super organised there. Love the nappy stash!

Mel : ) said...

dont think youve got enough there hayley :D