Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Midwife Appt.

I trotted off to the middie today....all appears wonderfully boring...

Fundal height is 37cms (I am 36+4 today), bubs is head down and low, my BP was 100/50 and bubs heart rate was 130bpm which is the lowest it has ever been (generally it is 140-150)....I think he is getting ready, he has the hiccups a lot lately.

I declined the weekly appointments and have made another for 2 weeks time (Thursday 6th of March) I will be 38+4..........will bub arrive before then? time will tell hey ........I get the feeling he is very happy in there at the moment, he still has quiet large movements and I know my belly can get much bigger as I was so much bigger with Nate. I guess if he doesnt I will have another appt. at 39+4....or maybe hold off till 40weeks exactly, that way I can go in on a weekend without the kids or with DH and all the kids.

I just think the he will come before EDD but in a way it would be nice to go over and see what size baby I could have.....I am sure that sounds silly to those who have gone over before, lol, but I have never experienced it so would kinda like to..


Mel : ) said...

need an update!!! hows the bump?

Hayley said...


I have a big dark line making its way up my belly and stabbing pains in my groin....seriously wonder how much more I can grow, if I get more stretch marks I will be very mad, I haven't got any this time around.

I am having my hair done tomorrow and hopefully eyelashes/brows as well so I will be all beautified for the occasion, hehehe..

Not long now...