Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bonny Hills

We've been home for a couple of weeks now but I just wanted to show some pics of our weekend away, better late then never, lol.

Bonny Hills is a lovely little place near Laurieton, and Port Macquarie.

We traveled by car which took a bit over 4 hours. Ari (now 5mths) is NOT a good traveler, generally it takes about 3.5hours with the kids but poor little Ari just wanted cuddles and obviously I cant hold him in the car so it was very stressful for us both. We even got desperate and bought a dummy from a servo on the way home, and all I can say is my boy has a great gag reflex *ewww*.

We stayed at a caravan park down on the beach, sharing a cabin with DHs parents which was a lot better then it sounds, lol.

The kids had a ball and spent most of their time with their dad while I stayed in doors with Ari who was sick with his chesty cough at the time. I got to knit in this time which is how my head band got done :). We did rug up a few times and we all went down the the beach to watch the surfing comp and for the kids to have a play.

It was good to get away from this house and all the real life stuff for a little while, iykwim. I really did have fun being alone (well with just a sleeping baby) and not having to worry about the washing up, mountains of laundry etc etc.....its just when you come home its doubly bad, lol. I have been making an effort to do more housework and there is some progress.....some ;)

Now I will leave you with my favorite picture from our weekend....XOXO Hayley

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Bec said...

I love the pic of Ari with Dad. the look on his face is just pure delight!! glad you had a nice weekend away, despite Ari's stressful car ride. You deserve a break away xxx