Sunday, November 16, 2008

DIY Carrier - Pink Dragonflys

Thanks to NC and BCD members making pretty carriers lately, I was inspired to have another go at making a Mei Tai. - I used the following tutorial....

DIY Conversion Hood to Headrest Mei Tai

I started making it Sunday afternoon, cut out most of the pieces etc, then when the kids went to sleep I got in and finished about 12:30 this (Monday) morning *Yawn*

I used it this morning for the school drop off and it was comfy :) I made is the right size for Ari to have arms in or out comfortably. The hood is a bit tall for my liking but I will have to have a play with it and see how it goes. Ari has been refusing to go to sleep lately and even baby wearing isn't making a huge difference, he has to have boob.

I think this is going to go live with a friend of mine - it needs a bath now Ari upchucked all over the strap *bleh*.....I really do love the colours...and am tempted to keep it. *blush*

Anyway - some more pics...


Bec said...

Hayley I love this! you've done a great job. I've borrowed a MT and I am loving it....Jake loves the back carry SOOOO much. I'm gonna have to get myself one I think! Good work!

missymoo84 said...

Oh I love it!
Oh Bec commented lol yeah my Mei Tai lol
You are certainly handy at making them. Why don't you open a store on WAHMnaps or something? I would buy one :D

Hayley said...

Thanks tassie girls ;)

It is fun - if only I had more time to do thing like this *sigh*

I have loaned out my Kozy - they are great! and its nice to share the bw love :)

Mel : ) said...

OMG Hayley - this sling is such a work of art!!! it looks fantastic!!!!!