Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ari James - 8 mths old!!

Current Stats:

Age: 8mths
Weight: 9.2kgs (bare)....about 9.5kg dressed
Length: 72cms

He has 6 teeth, is still breastfed on demand, eats minimal amounts of solids (he tastes but doesn't swallow much) - no purees in this house just family solids.

And his new trick.....

He is like his brother and likes In the night garden :).

Do you like his nappy? I made it last night from the Very Baby fitted pattern, it's a medium AI2 (a shell with a trifold layed inside). I think I did the leg elastic too tight as it on the last snap and quiet firm on the thighs but fine on the waist (2nd snaps). I will make a medium long next..

And another pic - to show a baby can still cradle carry in the crosses of a Front Cross Carry at 8mths old :) He slept soundly for about an hour.....oh and thats Orion, a Bali Breeze wrap.

XOXO Hayley.

1 comment:

missymoo84 said...

What a clever bubba!! Gee he is too damn cute!
He looks very comfy in that wrap :)