Friday, May 15, 2009

A holiday to QLD

My mum invited us to her house, in southern QLD, for the Easter holidays. I had reservations but put them aside and told myself that the kids would have a great time and it was just for 2 weeks. Well the kids did have a great time and although I struggled it was all worth it to have the kids enjoy themselves immensely.

I think the highlight of the trip for the kids was visiting Dreamworld.....twice!

Liam especially loved all the rides, he even convinced me to go on the Tower Of Terror with him....eeek!! He went on the Cyclone Roller Coaster with Steve....if you look at the pic really closely I have drawn a small arrow and his name on the can't actually see his face as he is just to little, lol.

Nate loved the train, the animals, the cars, the white water rapids and wiggles world. He got really upset that he wasn't old enough to go on the big rides, lol. Ari was not so trilled about the park but was happy in the DC (Dream Carrier) that I got from Paulus from BCD (Baby Carriers Downunder).

Bethany liked the Blues Clues ride, the tea cups and the Merry-Go-Round......basically she liked the ones that were quiet and sedate, lol.

When we went with Steve (Mums Husband) he shouted the 3 big kids a helicopter ride!

I enjoyed myself I said I went on the Tower Of Terror with Liam and also the motorbikes and log ride.

I took a few photos of the animals there.....

and my little girl - who turns 5 in a 4 mths!!!! She said she didn't want her picture taken, but I saw her peaking out from under her hat........

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