Friday, May 15, 2009

Wooly Goodness

We have been so lucky to of received some fabulous woolies over the last few months.

Nate and Ari got some longies and matching beanies from the beautiful Mel for their (1st and 3rd) birthdays. Nate is refusing to wear anything knitted at the moment but I am really lucky that Ari has no such problems, lol.

So here is Ari modeling both sets.....they have been worn a lot over the last few weeks - we love them Mel!!

And then....some amazing knits from Tracy of Desert Rose Designs. These were knitted for me using some lovely BFL yarn I had bought but was unable (due to lack of knitting talent) to transform.

Tracy had no such troubles in coming up with a spectacular outfit, she is a super talented crafty mumma (of 6) who sews, knits, crochets, quilts and I am sure could pretty much do anything crafty!.

Isn't it just gorgeous!!! I love it and it is beyond what I could of envisioned.

The weather is really cooling down here now - we have actually had the heater on a few times in the mornings. These woolies (along with the set from Shannon) will be getting a work out this winter.


Mel : ) said...

ohhhh i saw that set on Tracys blog & wondered if they were the ones you got - how cute! they are just gorgeous!!!

im soooooooooo glad ari fits the longies! at least with the rise being a bit big the other pair will fit him next year too. Jet wont wear woolies at the moment either, he likes to point out his wooly pants to me & put them on but then makes me take them off straight away, he wont even let me put his jumper on that i knitted him :( oh well, i was the same at his age, wool was just too itchy!

would it be ok if i stuck some of the pics of ari in the action shots bit of my ravelry account?

think we might get some action here soon, *think* i lost my plug today - havent told anyone yet! :D

Hayley said...

WOOT!!! how exciting!!!

Of course you can put the pics on your rav a/c :D. You have become such a fabulous knitter - I am so jealous!

I love the BFL wool that was used to knit the tiger set - it is super soft and has almost no prickle. Plus Tracy did a great job and they look great.

MWAH!! Hayley (who is stalking her mobile phone for news, hehe)