Friday, May 15, 2009

Sling Meet

I am a member of a Google group of Baby wearing parents, Baby Carriers Downunder.

Amongst the group they have meet ups (sling meets) in a few different places around Australia and NZ . The baby wearing capital of Australia seems to be Brisbane and while I was there on holidays I was really happy to be able to attend one of the meets.

I was a bit nervous to be meeting relative strangers, I mean we had chatted online but not in depth and I am quiet....quiet, lol. I feel so awkward in social situations and struggle to talk to people and always worry I have said the wrong thing, argh!!!

Despite my nervousness I had a lovely time meeting some of the parents (who were lovely) and the carriers....oh my!....of course I came home with one, lol.

Paulus helped me figure out my straight strapped Pod...

The Dream Carrier - I tried it, I loved it, Paulus told me he was thinking of selling I bought it...

..and my new wrap, a Cairo Hopp...a very thick wrap, great for winter.

I am really enjoying carrying Ari (and sometimes Nate), can hardly believe my baby is 14mths old already though! He is getting heavier so some of the old carriers are moving on and these new ones are supporting his weight a lot better.

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Mel : ) said...

i feel the same in group situations, especially when i dont know anyone. & i always feel like i say the wrong thing too! but you dont have to worry, you are such a wonderful person to be around!!!

love your new carrier - very nice :D