Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone :) a run down of our silly season so far.....

Christmas Eve was spent at Carols by Schooner light at the golf club were the kids had a ball running around and playing (we came home with 5 golf balls from our exploring). There was a sausage sizzle/salad dinner from which all I had was a sausage sandwich and a piece of tomato...but somehow managed to spend Christmas morning throwing up and with a sore tummy :( along with some of the others that ate there that night....The kids did not get sick from the food thank goodness but I think they were to busy playing to eat it.

We had a nice Christmas Day (other then the nausea and tummy aches).....the kids were spoiled with wonderful gifts and we all had a nice time with family. Nate managed to sleep 5 hours (2pm till 7pm) and then went back to bed at 10pm.....seemed a little ominous as normally he would be running around.

Boxing day has been a lazy day...Nate woke at 6:30am with a fever and has been a very cranky boy most of the day, he has once again gone and climbed into bed with his daddy for another sleep. I think its is probably from chewing on the bloody golf ball we collected. The other 2 are watching TV and lazying around which is nice.

I got a few small things as gifts...a book, a top and a beach towel....Scott and the kids didn't get me anything as I want a new camera (as ours is dying slowly) and the sales will be on during the next month or so so we can get it cheaper.

Now for a pic of my cherubs on Christmas morning....Nate was the last to rise so the others were showered and dressed, waiting to open their presents, lol....

Just wanted to chuck in a picture of my little man sleeping in our bed....I would love to go take one right now as DH and Nate are both sleeping and are holding hands..awwwww...but I don't want to disturb them.

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