Monday, December 10, 2007

26 week Belly

I went to the Dr last week and they listened to bubs heart...all sounded normal for the minute that they listened so now I will continue on as normal and if ectopic beats are detected again bub will have an ECG after he is born (just like Beth did). The Dr actually measured me at 25cms for almost 26 weeks where the middie 2 weeks before measured me at 3-4 weeks behind *shrugs*. My placenta was 1cm from my cervix at 19 weeks so I will have another scan at 32-34weeks to check if it has moved up and I am sure it will of. The Dr last week told me no BDing or heavy lifting....but well its a bit late for that as we have been and I have kids that need picking up....

Pregnancy are minor.....sciatica, swollen bits *ouch*, heart burn, dizziness occasionally, painful braxton hicks and tiredness.

Pregnancy joys....:).....the kids kissing my bump and saying good night to their baby brother, all the wiggles and movement I am getting are just so wonderful even 4th time round and even now that they are getting to my ribs, the utter amazing fact that I am growing another little person.

Only 3 months to go now and wow that seems so soon....I really don't have that much to do in preparation, I am making some small nappies and our main job is buying a car and hiring a capsule for the first 6 mths.

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Mel : ) said...

your bumps so cute! cant believe time is flying so quickly (think i say that every time you post a belly pic but i really cant!)