Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bubblebubs - Bakers Dozen

I was a bit naughty and bought up big in the


I really wanted a nappy that was dad friendly and would fit both my boys (or Ari in a little while). So I bought a bakers dozen of Mediums (to fit approx 5.5-12kgs). 13 AIO nappies with velcro closure and no bits to find in the wash, they are bamboo so no smells and great absorbency (slow dry time though). All we need to do is add a liner and were good to go :). I tried one on Nate (he picked the dot minky crabs) and it fits so well, Ari is sleeping so I will try one on him later.

They cost me $285.09 including courier postage. Which works out at $21.93 each!!. I got 7 dot minky, 4 smooth minky and 2 microbubbles. The combined full price if bought individually would of been around $400 so I am very happy.

Heres a picture of the fluff :)

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Carolyn said...

:O:O Very jelous here!