Saturday, May 10, 2008

Help Please - Tibetan Back Carry and others

I would love some help if anyone out there that can give me some ideas/opinions/assistance on back carries?

Carmen (Kermi) gave me some links to you tube which were great (am on slow dial up so it takes a while, lol) , I made myself a 5 metre x 70 cm wrap from slightly stretchy (one way- up/down) material and have been trying it out. I understand that wovens are best for back carries as they offer more support but as I don't have $90+ to spend (or DH wouldn't let me, lol) I thought I would try this.

I tried the Tibetan back carry today and found that Ari was comfy but I was not....around my underarms it just didn't feel right. So here are some pics so you can see what I did and maybe someone can shine the light on the problem.

I had the twist the parts coming over my shoulder to keep the top rail tight against his neck, so maybe that was the problem.

Oh and he is 8 weeks old, 60cms and 6.15kgs.

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