Saturday, May 10, 2008

Poochies Nappy - Size Medium

Scott is away (and has taken my new camera so please excuse cruddy photos) so I have had a few hours of sewing this evening which has been nice...that said it is 11:45pm, I haven't cleaned up yet, I am super tired *yawn* and Ari will be waking up soon for a maybe not so nice when I have to get up a few times between now and when the kids get up at 7am ;)

Anyways what I supposed to be writing about is this nappy I made. Size medium from the Poochies pattern.

It has 9 layers of bamboo and one of cotton. With winter coming I didn't want to do a sewn in booster as drying times are a bit too long for my liking so I have done minimal body layers and a fold out snap in.

Outer: Paws Cotton
Hidden: Bamboo layer
Inner: Blue microfleece
Snap in: 2 layer trifold with 2 layer microfleece topped booster attached.
Hidden snaps! I am finding this important as Ari seems a bit sensitive.

Edited to add....

The pattern says Mediums fit from 6.8-11.3kgs....Ari is 6.15kgs and Nate is 12.5kgs. It fits both boys and not on the tightest/loosest snaps either. Pics of my boys and comparing the small and medium poochies.


Ruth said...

Looks great! Well done :-)

Mel : ) said...

How cute is that pic of Nate & Ari!!! Looks like a fab nappy. Ive been wanting to get some more bamboo but everyone seems to be out!!! let me know if you wanna do the bulk thing again.