Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our Trip to QLD for Liams 5th Birthday

OK so its been a while, almost a month in fact, since our trip but I have been slack.

We had a great trip to QLD, took the kids to Dreamworld and Seaworld, Grandma paid for Dreamworld (thanks to Kris (NC) for the discount for tickets) so we splashed out and took them to Seaworld as well.

I hope that his birthday trip was one that Liam will remember fondly. He loved the Reptar roller coaster, Pirate ship, and anything fast or wet that he was tall enough to go on. I, as you may be aware now, lol, am pregnant so only went on the baby rides.

Here are some pics of our time away:

Pic1 - ReptarRollarcoaster Pic 2 and 3 - SeaWorld Log Ride Pic 4 - Pirate Ship Pic 5 - Nate and I on the Blues Clues Ride Pic 6 - Beth and Grandma @ Dreamworld Pic 7 - Beth, Nate and Myself on the Ferris Wheel at Seaworld.

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Mel : ) said...

looks like you guys had a ball!!!