Thursday, September 20, 2007

18mths of Breastfeeding

After reading Mel's blog entry on feeding Jet for 9mths (YAY!!!) I realised that I have been breastfeeding Nate for 18mths!!

18mths was the original time that I wanted to breastfeed him for, I can't believe that we are there already. Now that I am 3 mths pregnant I don't have much supply but he still loves a breastfeed to comfort him and relax him before bed or upon waking - its just now he asks for a drink of water first, lol.

So now with #4 on the way my thoughts turn to breastfeeding while pregnant and the possibility of tandem feeding. I breastfed Beth until I was 17 weeks pregnant with Nate - she was only 13mths when I stopped feeding her and down to 1 feed a day. The reasons I stopped were, my nipples were so sore, I felt it was time and I was getting braxton hicks which freaked me out a little . So this time I wonder what will happen I will be 15 weeks on Sunday and Nate is still feeding anywhere from 2 to 5 times a day.....I am not making any decisions as yet, just seeing how we go as there is still 6mths till this baby comes and things evolve.

So now for some pics - Our breastfeeding time together......

1 - first feed ~~~ 2- 3mths ~~~ 3- 5mths ~~~ 4- 14mths ~~~5- 18mths


Mel : ) said...

oh hayley those pics are so adourable! i love the third one, that cheaky little grin. congrats on hitting the 18month milestone!!! i believe the aba website has info on tandem feeding & i know they sell some books (which are meant to be good) on the topic. i have a friend who fed her toddler all the way through her pregnancy & is now feeding both. this is the longest comment ive ever written on a blog :D

Hayley said...

Thanks Mel :)

The midwife was lovely saying that I could continue feeding no problems but that he may choose to wean or take less feeds as my milk changes and lessens. They give out information on breastfeeding now when you book in and get you to fill out a questionnaire so they can answer your questions.

I think that feeding a toddler might be good for the after birth engorgement, hehe. We will see - I want to read up and find out the logistics of it and then reassess I guess when we get further into the pregnancy.

I am not sure how supportive DH would be - or family for that matter.

OK this has turned into a really long reply, LOL.