Monday, September 24, 2007

For Baby in Belly

OK so when Fiona (Fi Kiwi) offered her newborn nappies for swap I jumped in as fast as I could and ended up with first dibs ;) I have no newborn nappies to speak of so I thought I should get started and what a great way to start. So we worked out a swap.

This is what I should be getting in the post end of this or early next week *does a little dance*.

There are:

15 infant prefolds
8 NB Whizz Kidz
3 NB side snap fitteds
4 Small Bummies SWW
3 NB Pro wraps
3 size 1 Tots Bots snappiable
1 size 1 Tots Bots Aplix
2 NB Bummies Whisper Wraps
oh and a couple of snappies

I am so excited, can you tell, lol.

I will be making some small snappiable nappies to use as well so then baby has something to grow into and I can use them with the front folded down on a smaller bub. I have to make little boosters as well.

I also got a baby rocker today (the one from our other kids has been outside for a while now, ever since it had beer spilt on it *blush*). This one was from a lady of EB - it was $15 and it vibrates and plays music. It is only suitable up to about 9.5kgs but I really only used them for the 1-5 months age anyway so it suits us perfectly. Oh and it has a little sun hood for when bub is watching me hang his/her nappies on the line and brothers and sister play.

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Mel : ) said...

so exciting that you are starting to get stuff together for bub!!! must be making it feel really real now. cant wait to meet him or her :D