Monday, September 17, 2007

Rose Ella - just beautiful

My darling sister bought these for the kids when she went away to Bonny Hills with her boyfriend, I am in love with the bright colours and will be buying a bonds suit for #4 to wear home from the hospital for sure, the one I bought as a present but then kept *blush* is a 00 so a little big for a newborn.

The pants are supposed to be a 2-3 - they are like 3/4's on DD who turned 3 yesterday and fit her skinny waist perfectly and they also fit DS#2 (18mths) as full length pants but they are a little long.

The bodysuit is a 0 so will fit baby during winter/spring but I will find a way to show it off, lol.

1 comment:

Mel : ) said...

they are so precious! love those pants they look like a flame against the night sky (or maybe thats just my sleep deprivation talking)