Monday, November 26, 2007


Inspired by Sues fantastic effort I thought I would give shirring a go today.

I used a second hand skirt bought for $1 and it turned out pretty for improvement but wearable. The skirt already had 3 tiers and rick rack and ribbon sewn on so I removed the waist elastic, cut the skirt open at the seam and then cut a piece to use for the dress. I hemmed the top and then did the shirring on the top tier (a bit wobbly but thats OK), sewed the side seam up and then added some straps.

No pattern was used of course but it fits Beth well and she says she feels like Barbie Island Princess which is a big thumbs up from her. I have enough skirt here to do 2 more dresses, but that wont be happening today as the house is a mess from my lack of supervison, lol.

Thanks for looking :0)


sue said...

Cool hayley, that looks awesome, I love the fabric! Beth looks mighty pleased too :) Once I got over my initial probs, I found it so easy once you get the hang of it :)

Mel : ) said...

OMG Hayley - thats fantastic!!! looks like a professional job! i didnt even know what shirring was. cant believe you can whip up a dress from an old skirt without a pattern - so talented!

Hayley said...

Thanks guys :)

Mel : ) said...

i have another award for you at my blog hayley :D