Saturday, July 26, 2008

Catch Up

I have been doing a few little projects lately.

I made a little bag for a 2 year olds birthday and forgot to take a photo *doh*.

It was reversible, black one side and red the other (cotton drill) and it had pockets in a black cotton with red strawberries. I loved it, not sure if the little pink and purple Dora fan liked it much though *ooops*. I also made a matching scrunchie.

I am going to make another for Beth I think. It was the same type of bag as I made for myself but smaller, lol.

I also knitted a basket weave headband. I found the pattern on Sues blog, the direct link is here. I don't think its as big (wide) as it was supposed to be but it looks OK and does a job.

Please excuse my ugly mug

I am now knitting another from some hand dyed wool that I frogged from a soaker I knitted ages ago (when I first learned to knit) had really dodgy increasing/decreasing, lol, so I had never really used it.

What else???? I have lots of things on my need "to do" and want "to do" lists.

I am currently cleaning out my baby stuff to pass on to a friend...*sob*...bye bye to little, squishy, sweet smelling, snuggly, suckling newborns....thankfully Ari is only 4mths or I might break down at the thought.

I really think its time to move on. I love my kiddies and 5 (6. 7. 8...) would be lovely (I imagine) but a bit to much for me to cope with....that and DH would leave me, lol.

I have moved to thoughts now of what I will do when my kids get older and what I want to do now. Its hard to think of time when they will be grown up.

Thankfully I have many more years (at least 3-4) of staying at home full time and then at least 2 more where I would not want to work more then 2-3 days a week.

So what to do....

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