Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beths Bob

Beth has been asking for a hair cut - she has gone from a girl who refused a cut to one begging for one, lol. Her hair had gotten quiet long and it was getting so knotty all the time and she hated having it brushed.

So......I cut it! She asked for hair like Nate's......yep he has a shaved head, lol, but we compromised on a bob.

What do you think? Beth loves it thank goodness *phew*.


Tracy said...

That bob suits her so well! What a cutie :)

Ruth said...

Wow! It's so cute... she looks gorgeous and it will be so easy to brush now!

Ruth xx

Carolyn said...

that haircut looks really nice on her, very lady like and pretty!

Kristy said...

very cute! Frames her lovely face perfectly :)

sue said...

oooooh she is so pretty, the new do looks great! Bet it is MUCH easier to brush now :) x