Sunday, July 6, 2008

Home Made Mei Tai

I sewed this last night/this morning - overall I am pretty happy with my first effort. I made it using cotton drill for the inner and straps and quilting cotton for the panels (Marcus Brothers Surf and Sand). I padded the waist strap with a piece of polar fleece. The aesthetics are not perfect but it is structurally sound :) which is most important.

I didn't follow any particular pattern although I have looked at many online....just kinda did what I thought I wanted, lol. I think I will try turning and top stitching next time as this time the panels were ironed and then sewn together iykwim so they are a little askew ;). I just couldnt get my brain to figure it all out.

Dimensions are -

Panel width - 4ocms
Panel Height - 51cms
Panel Height from waist strap - 40cms
Waist Strap Width- 11cms
Waist Strap Length either side - 59cms
Shoulder Strap Width- 14cms
Shoulder Strap Length - 155cms
(all straps could of been a little longer maybe??)

It has 3 body panels - the inner is drill that has the shoulder straps sewn in an X the whole way through....

Here are some shots of it in action - my first goes at using a MT...

First off - Ari (3.5mths - 65cms - 7ish kgs)

Then Nate (2), Beth (almost 4) and Liam (almost 6)..

I have made a hood but am unsure how I should join it - snaps?, sewn?....and then how to attach to straps...


Tracy said...

oh Wow Hayley that looks really good. i love the wide straps on the shoulders there! I think I may have to have a go and make one myself.

Mel : ) said...

hayley you are too talented - it looks fab!!!

i love the new title thingy to, very cute!