Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mei Tai - tried, tested now time to design V2.0

Heres some on going action shots of my new favorite baby home made mei tai.

I find it conveinient, comfortable and it looks fabulous ;). As you can see from the pictures Ari loves it...sleeps well in it although he likes being on my tummy when really unsettled.
Now for the improvements......

As you can see from the first pic, his head is unsupported so when sleeping it rolls about a bit - I can ease it back into position but when walking around etc it naturally flops, lol. I do have something here to sew on as a hood (and I will do so) but next time I plan on making the body taller with a flip up/fold down head support.

I think the body width is fine for us till Ari is about 18-24mths.

I will also make the straps longer - these are a little short so will maybe add another 20-30cms.

I am also thinking on angled waist straps - I am a little confused as to HOW angled they would need to be???

I have bought some more Drill from spotlight (25% off :)) and have some other fabrics here to use as a panel. I am not sure if I will do another 3 layer one or rather just 2 with the cross over for support.

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